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The Kitten

The new lot started off with Kitten, The Doctor.

He had to be brought home, as you can see.

He settled right in.

And is helpful at all times.

Has mad computing skills.

And has a Best Buddy.

Sisko loves Doc. He grooms his ears until he’s sopping wet. He plays with him, and lets him pounce his head and kick it. They play chase endlessly.



So, here is Doc. Or Hair Doctor Professor, if we are to be formal.

Complete with hair.

Moar fuzziness. Here he has beaten The Leg.

So. Doc is utterly cool. Very self-possessed, ready to take on the rest of the house, and universe. Yer basic fuzz and purr box.

Adoption Contract

From Doc’s paperwork :

“…I hereby fully and completely release, indemnify, and hold harmless BAC, its directors, officer, volunteers, agents, servants, and employ…”


Oh well, they do have bunnies.

Kitteh pictures will happen soon.
Doc came early – last night – and we’ve been scrambling with set-up.
And cuddling.

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Lurker asks

Reasonably  enough.

What will Wolfie think of all this? And Boe?

Well, we shall see.

Boe has been playing truant a lot.
I think with the recent loss of so many of his cat family, he is just not as happy.
(He adored Motley, and he and Nikki slept in a kitty pile.)
There’s a bunch of other young kitties down the block, and I think he’s hanging out down there a lot.
Maybe he will be happier with other younger cats here?

Wolfie misses Boe when he’s not around.
Boe turned up last night, having not been seen since Thursday.
He ate and hung around, but wouldn’t come in.
(They both fear Sisko, and require help getting past him to get upstairs.)
When I called Wolfie in later, he kept coming up to the porch, even to the door, but not coming in.
Instead he looked around, waiting for Boe, who wasn’t coming in.
I finally coaxed him in after midnight.

He’s going to be very unhappy when we lose Boe.
I’m hoping he can bond with the new guys – the brothers are more ex-ferals, and the kitten is very pro-cat – and maybe make it a little less grim this winter.

Doctor 7?
Kitten likes cats.
He was trying to say hi to every kitty in the place.
If any of these guys gives him an inch, he’ll take a foot.
My ebil plot is to get him in with the brothers as babysitters.
Could work.

Sisko is sorta a basket case, and we will all just have to cope.
But he got along fine with Nikki, so maybe he doesn’t find younger cats as threatening.

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And, as long as we were at the shelter

hanging about and patting this guy

We also met these dudes.

They apparently were rescued as babies from a warehouse, fostered, and have been at the shelter since June.
They sleep in a pile, and groom each other, and play, and the black one was being carried about like a scarf on one of the volunteers’ neck.
But they are really crowded.
And these guys are only sorta social, and very bonded, and not tiny kittens any longer, and not the really popular look.
The volunteers were very upset that the guys have really pretty much had as much of a chance as they were going to get, as in, until maybe at the end of the week…

(Actually, they were named Chad and Bruce, but I don’t think so.)

You may notice, they are in boxes.
We have just doubled our cat population.

On the plus side, they seem to have the feral-hurray!-it’s-another-cat thing going.
I’m hoping they can hang with the kitten and keep him from being lonely when we aren’t around.
I can hope.

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As promised, KITTEH

The puffy under him I bought in.
I have one inside the brace, because it was chaffing my skin.
And when I visited earlier he Wanted it.
So I brought him in his own.
(And will bring in some more squares of it when I’m done with them.)

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Cross Yer Fingers

Until the 13th.

We have a kitten on “hold” at the Animal Shelter.
He was found straying, and won’t be released until then.

I didn’t mean to do it.
Nikki may still return.
Boe is ticking through his last days.
And Sisko and Wolfie are the Spat Brothers.

But he’s a three month old Perfect Master, little tiny Buddha cat, and he looked at me.
He is utterly not my usual cat.
In as much as I was looking for a cat, I was looking for Laurie’s kittens – slinky little black and white guys.

The as-yet-nameless one is a round little tabby fluffball.
He likes laps.
He’s got a voice, and uses it.
He LOVES other kitties.

When I took him out of the kennel to hold he was all gotta-check-out-where-the-kitty-sounds-come-from.
Then he started cleaning my wrist brace.
(The velcro is too tough for him to undo yet – what is it with tabbies anyway?)

I was going to just bring him home tomorrow, and then tell people.
(This being not a convenient time, ya know.)
But the paperwork was all screwy.
They set it all up to fix him tomorrow and have me pick him up at the vet’s, and I paid and all.
And went back to cuddle him some more.
Then someone noticed he hadn’t been released yet, and won’t be until Friday.
They weren’t supposed to even start yet, but since we did they are just putting him on hold til Friday.
But they didn’t know I was back there cuddling, so they phoned the house with their news.
Is all fine, though I lost the element of surprise.
(But did get to take Tom and Sair off to see him – YAY!)

So cross your fingers.
Though, if he is someone’s lost darling and they come fetch him, that’s fine with me, which is what I told the shelter people too.
It’s just all on hold until….. DRUM ROLL…..
We find out on
(Will go get pics tomorrow.)

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