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It’s a Jungle in There

In my fishtank.

It sits on the kitchen table, so if you are eating breakfast you can watch the fish. But I’ve been busy, lazy, distracted and haven’t tended to it for, um, a while.

In the meantime a weird growth of waving blackish seaweed has sprung up all over everything, and lots of algae covering the flat rocks, and a general air of aquarium neglect. I keep dumping more water in, but otherwise I’ve just been sending it guilty thoughts of cleaning it soon.


So, at breakfast this morning I was looking at it, and Something moved in the flowing field of soft black weed.


Two of them, different sizes.

For all I know, there are more.

So, I guess that means the catfish are happy, and I shouldn’t disturb them.


And, of course, Melamine redux – this time with babies

From here:
and here:

Some of you may recall the pet food fiasco in which melamine added to petfood caused thousands of deaths of animals, and was eventually tracked down to adulteration of ingredients in China.
Specially it was traced to the addition of plastic – melamine, like your grandmother's unbreakable dishes – which confused the analysis of protein by adding more nitrogen, and causing it to read higher.

Well, here it is again, in infant formula.
They've got infants with acute kidney failure.
Baby formula made with contaminated powered milk.
The contamination has mainly been found in China, but the companies involved have shipped products to other countries.
It's turned up in youghert in Hong Kong, for example.

Wasn't I just saying something about responsibility?
Why has regulation turned into a four-letter word?

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