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I need some girl advice here…

Okay, I am aware that I am seriously challenged when it comes to girl stuff.
I own an eyeliner for glamorous occasions, but not a singe shoe with any heel.
When my hair starts bothering me, I pull the ends around and chop them off.
Other than that, it is clean.
For the most part I am perfectly happy with this.

I have, however, an eighteen year-old daughter.
We've already dealt with the more conventional mother/daughter uncomfortable discussions: periods, the sex talks, and the like.
But now we've reached areas where I have to retire baffled and silenced.
Here's one: Is my leg too hairy; do I have to shave all the time?
And, even worse, how do I get my hair to do that?
You might as well go ask your dad, dear, because I am clueless.

We survived learning how to put up ballet buns (shudders at the memory), produce French twists for special shows, and the like.
We figured out how not to have huge hunks of tangles in long, thick and curly hair.
That's been enough for me.
Up until this spring Sair had never cut her hair, but part of the whole suddenly she's really an adult thing going on here included her taking some scissors and having at it.
(She did ask first if we would mind – I think just for information – and of course no problem.)
Now she's got  about three inches of hair around her face,, lengthening out to not-quite shoulder length at the back.
It is quite curly, and really looks cute.
But, sadly, cutting it is only the beginning.
Now she wants it to do things..
If she washes it and brushes it, it makes soft waves.
When she wakes up it stands straight out in spiky bits..
For ballet she can tame it to lie flat with the application on hideous amounts of gel.
But I think she wants to be more in control of how it manifests itself.
And I am completely useless on the subject.

At the drug store there are rows and rows of hair junk all making different claims, and frankly I don't even understand what it is they say they do.
There is an entire technology here whose existence I never even suspected.
And it is not just the bottles, but it seems there are procedures involving brushing, combing or whatever at work here too.
But this is all way, way beyond me.

So, what do you guys do with your hair, why, and HOW?

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