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No-salt/low-salt living

It’s in my mind.

Partly this is to do with my change in blood pressure medication, and resultant strong determination to get back to losing weight, that being a much to be preferred way to lower the damned thing.

And partly to with worrying about a fellow ex-voxer who is new to the dietary contortions required to turn what you should eat into anything you are likely to want to eat.

Anyway, after couple of years down this particular path, here are my best discoveries.

First, and most simple minded: if you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.
If the people you live with want to eat something you can’t, let them eat out.
The shopping list reflects what I need, by and large.
(Bread is an exception; we just have separate.)
But they can salt their own spaghetti sauce.
Things like tuna, tomato sauce, broth, all can be found in no or low salt versions.
There is no reason to buy them with salt ever again.

Second. Five a day, vegetables and fruits, and no cheating.
Every day, count them.
A minimum of five.
And try not to rely too much on fruit.
Getting the fifth one in is often a struggle – it helps to get going on this early in the day.

There are some good ways to make this work.
Like real carrots, not the nasty ready-to-eat things.
Big, tasty Bugs Bunny carrots that you have to work to eat.
Just take one along in the morning and finish it when you can, and that’s one.

Never eat a meal without an extra vegetable or two.
It helps to have a couple that are easy, that you will eat.
Me, I will always eat steamed cauliflower or brocoli, and they go okay with about anything.
Just cut it up, and steam it in the microwave (bowl with some water and a saucer on top).
But these don’t have to be yours.
Saute a great handful of baby spinach.
Make a quick salsa of avocado, peppers, onions, and tomatoes to go over some fish.
Just because you are trying to be healthful doesn’t mean it has to be dull.

A lot of foods you can adjust so that a salty taste isn’t particularly missed: vinegars, citrus juice, garlic,hot peppers, green onions, all of these can add a lot of flavor.

Somethings just won’t be much fun – breads mostly suck without salt.
Alvarado bakery does a sprouted grain no-salt bread that is bearable, but things like crusty artisanal breads just aren’t happening.
If you are at the point where there is the occasional cheat, this is where it happens.
If not, well, welcome to the furry-footed hobbit world of seedy breads.

Bad foods?

Soup is almost by definition salty.
I can occasionally do something with masses of onions, lime juice, hot peppers, fresh cherry tomatoes, and beans that is not too bad.
But it would be better with salt.

Cheeses are also salty.
This, for me, is one of those can’t really do without it.
So it is slice it really, really thin, and consider it the week’s Bad Thing.

And things like crackers, pretzels, and the like.
You will learn to sneer at the words “healthy” and “natural” combined with “sea salt.”

So, other people with other ideas/thoughts?


Vox Farewell

For some of you guys.