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And it continues

I emailed the new tenant, reassuring her that the parking space is to be shared, and that the upstairs tenants had been so notified.
So this is what I get back:

“We are not asking to have the parking spot for us only. We just want an equal right. We proposed to use the parking space every other week. We found out that there is free parking on Telegraph after Alcatraz. That is where we have it now. It takes around 15 minutes to walk to the house. We find it unfair that if the parking is meant to be shared, and more than one tenant have a similar problem, only one benefits from the space.”
Of course, the space is to be shared, that is the deal.
And, of course, that is only fair.
But you don’t have to sound like a five-year-old about it.
Especially after the problem is already solved.
I feel a Doctor McCoyesque “Damn it, I’m a landlady, not a kindergarten teacher” rant coming on soon, if this keeps up.

You know how in like 5th grade…

There was always some kid who thought the funniest damn thing in the whole world was to offer to pull out your chair, and then pull it away so that you fell down.
And then he’d try to do it a second time (“Just trust me.”).

I just have one word.


Oh, maybe just a tad.

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