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Some Cats

These are the Feral Brothers, and these guys just visit.

Toby sneaks by and eats and leaves.

Loper spends more time here, and I can actually touch him.

Sisko is our current oldest cat, a little nutty.

He was my friend’s cat that I inherited.

He is reasonably content with us.

Wolfie is still here, still a little freaky, but very sweet.

He disapproves of the Freak Bros, but is only rally afraid of Sisko. Sisko takes advantage of this by finding Wolfie and threatening him whenever he wants something.

Boe has no new photos because the jaw cancer is too upsetting. He continues to be doing okay though, and is being plied with baby food, chicken, and all the patting he will allow.

New Kittehs (Doc and the Freak Brothers) to follow.


Lurker asks

Reasonably  enough.

What will Wolfie think of all this? And Boe?

Well, we shall see.

Boe has been playing truant a lot.
I think with the recent loss of so many of his cat family, he is just not as happy.
(He adored Motley, and he and Nikki slept in a kitty pile.)
There’s a bunch of other young kitties down the block, and I think he’s hanging out down there a lot.
Maybe he will be happier with other younger cats here?

Wolfie misses Boe when he’s not around.
Boe turned up last night, having not been seen since Thursday.
He ate and hung around, but wouldn’t come in.
(They both fear Sisko, and require help getting past him to get upstairs.)
When I called Wolfie in later, he kept coming up to the porch, even to the door, but not coming in.
Instead he looked around, waiting for Boe, who wasn’t coming in.
I finally coaxed him in after midnight.

He’s going to be very unhappy when we lose Boe.
I’m hoping he can bond with the new guys – the brothers are more ex-ferals, and the kitten is very pro-cat – and maybe make it a little less grim this winter.

Doctor 7?
Kitten likes cats.
He was trying to say hi to every kitty in the place.
If any of these guys gives him an inch, he’ll take a foot.
My ebil plot is to get him in with the brothers as babysitters.
Could work.

Sisko is sorta a basket case, and we will all just have to cope.
But he got along fine with Nikki, so maybe he doesn’t find younger cats as threatening.

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My Dumb Thumb

Has been being dysfunctional since November.
I started having problems with my right hand suddenly one morning, and has been complaining since.
I did take it to the random same-day doctor in, I think, January.
(Cos I was too busy over the holidays.)
Same day doctor checked that nothing was broken (and I don’t have arthritis – yay).
And sent me off to get a wrist brace to wear for three weeks.
Like this.

Which basically did nothing except annoy me.

But then I spent the next four months wrangling with our Cobra coverage.
Which Conexis kept trying to cancel, even though they kept taking our money – not to mention the State of California’s money, and the fed’s money.
(I can haz tetanus shot after two-inch deep puncture wound, plz?)
Finally the HR people at Tom’s job yelled at them, and they admitted we’d been covered all along,
(They were just having their little joke with us, I expect.)
So now I just have to get the ER visit bills canceled.

Anyway, they turned my account back on at Kaiser, and there were emails from my doctor who insisted I come in.
Because I finally got organized enough to have a regular doctor last fall.
And once you have one, they sort-of keep track of you.

Anyway, I had him look at my hand.
And he fiddled with this and that, and pinned it down to a specific tendon.
And now I have,a new brace to wear:

Which is even more annoying than the first one.
But I can tell it is doing something, because it actually feels good to wear it.

So that brings me to my point.
And I do have one.
Because, obviously, I am not merely posting about me.

This morning Wolfie was sleeping on my shoulder when I woke up.
So I patted him for a while.
And tickled his irresistible belly:

(Resist that, I dare you.)
Wolfie, of course, retaliated with all the pointy bits that, quite reasonably, surround kitty bellies.

But I had hand armor, which is completely unfair.

So, being a tabby at heart, he proceeded to undo the velcro straps.
Because hand armor, and velcro anything, are just Wrong, and Wrong Things Must Die.

I’m not sure whether this was to level the playing field (or rather to regain his pointy advantage there), or because he just Disapproved of Stuff on My Hand.
But he took undid it all, and insisted on more pattings.

So that was my morning, and it was very nice.

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