My Dumb Thumb

Has been being dysfunctional since November.
I started having problems with my right hand suddenly one morning, and has been complaining since.
I did take it to the random same-day doctor in, I think, January.
(Cos I was too busy over the holidays.)
Same day doctor checked that nothing was broken (and I don’t have arthritis – yay).
And sent me off to get a wrist brace to wear for three weeks.
Like this.

Which basically did nothing except annoy me.

But then I spent the next four months wrangling with our Cobra coverage.
Which Conexis kept trying to cancel, even though they kept taking our money – not to mention the State of California’s money, and the fed’s money.
(I can haz tetanus shot after two-inch deep puncture wound, plz?)
Finally the HR people at Tom’s job yelled at them, and they admitted we’d been covered all along,
(They were just having their little joke with us, I expect.)
So now I just have to get the ER visit bills canceled.

Anyway, they turned my account back on at Kaiser, and there were emails from my doctor who insisted I come in.
Because I finally got organized enough to have a regular doctor last fall.
And once you have one, they sort-of keep track of you.

Anyway, I had him look at my hand.
And he fiddled with this and that, and pinned it down to a specific tendon.
And now I have,a new brace to wear:

Which is even more annoying than the first one.
But I can tell it is doing something, because it actually feels good to wear it.

So that brings me to my point.
And I do have one.
Because, obviously, I am not merely posting about me.

This morning Wolfie was sleeping on my shoulder when I woke up.
So I patted him for a while.
And tickled his irresistible belly:

(Resist that, I dare you.)
Wolfie, of course, retaliated with all the pointy bits that, quite reasonably, surround kitty bellies.

But I had hand armor, which is completely unfair.

So, being a tabby at heart, he proceeded to undo the velcro straps.
Because hand armor, and velcro anything, are just Wrong, and Wrong Things Must Die.

I’m not sure whether this was to level the playing field (or rather to regain his pointy advantage there), or because he just Disapproved of Stuff on My Hand.
But he took undid it all, and insisted on more pattings.

So that was my morning, and it was very nice.

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16 responses to this post.

  1. I am so glad this brace is helping. All these aches and pains…..aaaaaaaaches and paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains….(that's how I thought that). My giganto boot sure made my broken foot feel almost normal until it healed. And I have arthritis in MY left thumb. Very hurtful, but not a darn thing I can do about that. It's ok, I inherited that from my dad along with that achy type personage gene. :)That Wolfie tum is completely gorgeous! How hilarious that he undid all the velcro!


  2. Tabbies are far too clever by half.
    So good to hear the new brace is working for you. Do you have any idea how long you'll have to wear it?


  3. How'd you hurt yer thumb??! Sound like repeat use of some kind… Maybe from excessive kittn pettn. I cannot resist a fuzzy belleh and curled paw. They undo me every time.


  4. Probably some kind of repetitive use thing, though there is also an old injury there.Same-Day Doctor had said three weeks for the other, but My Doctor is cagier and says until it doesn't hurt.(With snide-ish aside that it depends on whether I actually wear it and rest the thing….)He'd be annoying if he weren't clever.Wolfie is too clever by half.


  5. I hope your thumb feels better! Maybe kittn pettn can be therapeutic. Is there such a thing as excessive kittn pettn? Because that's basically all I ever do.


  6. I am sorry about your thumb, but glad that it has given us this delightful story of Wolfie-ness. I hope to someday risk my hands on his tummy.


  7. You'd have to catch him first.Heck, you'd have to see him first.It appears that I am his mother, and Sair is a sibling, so if we make no sudden moves or bad noises, we're mostly okay.If we're inside.We're scary out in the yard.He basically just doesn't like people.Yep, Tom kinda loses. He's managed to sneak up on him, and even briefly pat, but it's really not okay.He's too tall, and scary.


  8. This morning Wolfie was sleeping on my shoulder when I woke up.this is Wolfie, right? the wild, feral, savage Wolfie.just checking.sorry about your thumb. as long as clever kittens don't undo the velcro straps constantly, it should heal up in a few mon… weeks.


  9. this is Wolfie, right? the wild, feral, savage Wolfie.yep.but I'm his mommy.


  10. Ha clever cat – he has a gorgeous fluffy looking belly! I'm glad this brace is helping.


  11. his mommy, eh?I guess that makes you a wild, feral, savage one.good to know


  12. More like an utterly easily freakable, hide-under-the-bed one.


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  14. Yay for the new brace helping your thumb feel better! It’s a hefty thing. So funny that Wolfie was trying to undo the velcro. Smart kitteh!


  15. LOL! I love cats!


  16. Clever cat and clever doctor. You're in good hands…and paws.


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