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Still all wrapped up in asbestos

Trial continues. We’re in closing arguments. Four weeks and counting at this point. We’ve started closing arguments, so who knows how much longer. Cannot discuss. Cannot speculate or draw opinions etc.

Can I say lawyers seem really, really weird?

Anyway, when my life is my own again, I will load new camera software and take picture of Family Cat of Arms (Family Mascat?), Well Good Kitty thingy, and post it.

And I will catch up the laundry, and get Quint and Sextus to the vet for their last shots. (I have had two appointments, but there was a distinct lack of cooperation, which included turning around in their skins and presenting pointy bits wit rude words!)

And I will catch up with everybody’s blogs. Really.


MusicChick2 has left us

The last news from Caring Bridge:

Message from Gail: With a very heavy heart, I have to tell you all that Denise’s fight is now over as of this morning.  Her spirit lives on and she is now in God’s loving hands.  We are all saddened about this loss and shocked that it has happened so quickly.  Your wishes in her guestbook were so appreciated and I’m sure warmed her heart to read each day.  I personally want to thank you for your prayers and well wishes to her.  God bless each and every one of you.  I will post again any news regarding a service in California.

MC2s courage and cheerfulness – what a combination! – will be missed.

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