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Snail Mail February!

I have just emailed up the updated list of addresses to everyone already on it.

If you haven’t gotten an email from me, and you want to be doing this, you need to email me about it, and I will catch you all up with everyone.



SNAIL MAIL – progress report

SEND INFO TO:  lauowolf  at  gmail  dot   com


This is kinda-sorta coming together. I will send a follow-up email tomorrow (Tuesday), and send off addresses on Wednesday, maybe around noon Pacific time.

If this is late for people who are trying to do the every day in February, my suggestion is that we all begin by thanking our muse:

Mary Robinette Kowal
P.O. Box 13346
Portland, OR 97213-0346
The mail a real postal type message everyday in February was her concept, forwarded by Lurker, who always seems to find cool stuff.

So far I have snail mail addresses from: Redscylla, AmyH, Auntiebellum, Capnstephel (forwarding), Fatcat, Laurie, Drude, Little Maio, Aubrey, and Rossruns.

And expressions of interest, but not yet addresses from: Geologygirl, Hangaku Gozen, Lurker, and Jaypo.

(If I’ve missed someone, sorry, Just send it again.)

There are a LOT of peeps not on this list, people. So go out there and poke at them. If they want on the list, they should email me their snail address to lauowolf at gmail dot com.

BTW  Do not be intimidated by the ALL MONTH mailing aspect of this. If you want to do the monthly, everyday mailing, cool. If not cool too.

If you just want to send a couple of things, also cool, and hey, we’ll send you stuff anyway.