So photos!

To begin with, here’s the tank early on, as a reference point.

earlier tank

Lots of nice plants started, and the first fish. So here’s the tank now.

whole tankwhole tank 2

So, more fish…. and the plants are thriving. Basically the whole back of the tank is a jungle. These guys are doing well now too.

algae eater

In the middle is the Algae Eater, one of two. He used to be the same size as these guys.

oci guys

The guys hanging onto the glass are the Oci cats. Poor Algae eaters used to school with them, and it used to be just the hanging on the glass thing that set them apart, but now they are about twice as big. They mostly just lurk in the greenery, munching algae. And these guys also lurk back there – I only ever see them when I feed them.

better gourami

Hard to believe it, but you simply cannot see him when he’s back behind the plants. Weird.

Someone else who is hard to see – and I can’t get a photo of him – is the BABY MINNOW. Lurker was over, and she saw him. He’s still mostly just pale, but I think he’s another of the golden fish. And I think he’s big enough to be past the eat-on-sight stage, so he’s probably safe from the big guys. Instead of being like 1/4 inch long, and looking like a pair of eyes, he’s more than 1/2 inch, and really looks like a little fish.

For all I know, there could be dozens of them back there. EEK!

EDIT: It’s not a baby minnow. It’s a baby albino catfish!


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  1. Wow – you have quite the jungle going on. The tetras are gorgeous of course. Reminds me of my mom’s aquariums when I was a kid. You are a caring fish mom!!


  2. That is a happy happy tank o’ fishies n’ greenery!


  3. Correction: there are (at least) two baby corys.
    I saw them both at the same time, so definitely more than one.
    And they are adorable.


  4. Catfish! He can go hang out with mom ‘n dad in the corner all slurpy and whiskery. Being albino sure made him easier to spot.

    Even with fud, I only saw one of the big shiny blue guys. And several bajillion of the tiny snails, which seem tribble-like in their breeding.

    And then we had some nice fud and picked fruit and herbs in the back and I saw 3 of the cats and petted 2 of them. Miss Habeeb was sprawled in all her white fluffitude atop the black piano, obvs. auditioning for Fancy Feast.


    • I keep wondering whether I am down to only one Gourami, but just when I’m giving up a second one will streak across the tank at 11pm.

      I picked out about of the ramshead snails.
      It only seems slightly depleted.
      I need a new tactic.


  5. Oh, and in the 4th (second to last) picture, I see one of the parent catfish at the bottom right.


    • I think that might be mom.
      There’s one of them that is definitely all bulged out and roundish.
      Also looks disgruntled, which is generally a good parenthood clue.


  6. Make it four kid catfish, and one pair-of-eyes infant.
    At least.


  7. 🙂 Happy fish tank! I like all the greenery.


    • Makes it a much easier tank to deal with.
      The plants are on my side when it comes to like oxygen for fishes, or pulling out nitrogen.
      And jungle!


  8. The plants must also encourage the fish to multiply. I had corys for years, but nary a baby, maybe because our zebra tetras were carnivorous and hungry all the time. Congratulations!


    • I think they give the babies a shot at surviving – lots of hiding places that the bigger fish can’t get into.
      I’m just hoping I don’t end up with overwhelming numbers of fish!


      • Trade or sell to another fish fancier? There must be some sort of listserv for tropical fish hobbyists in the Bay Area. My backwater town has an aquarium society with regular meetings, fish exchanges, and an annual show. (Not sure I’d want to attend a lecture about “The History of Cichlids in the Home Aquarium Hobby,” but it appears to be very active.)

        You’re making me miss having fish. I may have to go to the new aquarium shop in Little Saigon and check out the bettas and goldfish.


  9. That is SO cool to have a baby catfish!
    My over-crowded tank of convict cichlids is doing alright, in spite of the over-crowdedness.
    I love your jungle tank! What fun!


  10. Posted by aubrey on August 11, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    I know that it’s supposed to be schools, but what with the jungle/forest background, these are surely flocks of fish, weaving in and out of the greenery.

    When Boyfriend and I are out in the ocean, it is most…surprising to see tiny spirits of silver moving in the water so close by!


    • The neons and the minnows are the ones that lurk in groups in the weeds.
      And the two gouramis skulk in their separate corners, deep in the greenery and totally invisible.
      I’d have thought blue and orange wouldn’t be so well masked by green, but clearly they knew better.
      Half the time I can only find one, and sometimes not even that.


  11. Wow! WOW!! That’s really special! And so beautiful! How’re they all doing, nearly 2 months later?


  12. Posted by Robin King on November 9, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Hellllooooo!!! Miss you here! Thank you for the “Like” yesterday!! 🙂


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