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My next stoopid question

How do I get pictures from my vox into my flickr?
Or at least somehow make sure the one’s that are living in vox now won’t vanish when the good ship vox finally goes down.

(another Final-ish post from vox.)

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You know how in like 5th grade…

There was always some kid who thought the funniest damn thing in the whole world was to offer to pull out your chair, and then pull it away so that you fell down.
And then he’d try to do it a second time (“Just trust me.”).

I just have one word.


Oh, maybe just a tad.

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I just turn my back for a couple of days, and THIS

Well, dang.

I have a wordpress, having set it up a while ago.
I will update it, and just move there.
I don’t bother with privacy and all, so it should just be available.
If you are on wordpress, and I need a password, you can email me.
All my info is on Red’s table in the Yahoo group.

I guess I will see what other peeps are doing.

And I know I will be SERIOUSLY ANNOYED.

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