I just turn my back for a couple of days, and THIS

Well, dang.

I have a wordpress, having set it up a while ago.
I will update it, and just move there.
I don’t bother with privacy and all, so it should just be available.
If you are on wordpress, and I need a password, you can email me.
All my info is on Red’s table in the Yahoo group.


I guess I will see what other peeps are doing.

And I know I will be SERIOUSLY ANNOYED.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. ditto re: sighditto re: annoyed, seriouslyNOTE: for those of you moving to WordPress, be sure to check the exVoxer blog RedScylla setup: http:voxdiaspora.wordpress.com
    it is a central location to collect the blog addresses of exVOXers now
    at wordpress. please leave the address of your wordpress blog in the


  2. I've added your blog to my reader. 🙂


  3. Now that Vox is shutting down, I think it's time I finally asked you what's been bugging me since the very first day I "met" you:How the heck do you pronounce your name? In my head I say "low" (rhymes with "cow")-"wolf"


  4. That's innovative and creative and pretty much right.Actually, my first name is Laura, but we were already knee-deep in variants thereof.So I started with Lau, added an initial and just stuck an end on it.So I've always thought of it as a really full-blooded Italian LAU (rhymes, indeed, with cow) + wolf, and ignored the O.


  5. oh hysterical, btw, i've been doing exactly what M—–l has been doing, trying to figure out how to pronounce lauowolf over the years:) – hee heehuh – i don't remember if i sent you my new account over at WP – gah!! – so much to do!! – http://eviltwit.wordpress.com – we're ALL moving at once (and mostly to the same place – thank YOU deities of the WWW!!) – hehehe – *sigh*i think this has officially made me a little nuts


  6. I always pronounced it the Hawaiian way, like a luau, and imagined a wolf wearing a lei. Doing the hula.Thanks for your WordPress addy! http://pyrits.wordpress.com/ I'll add you to my blogroll soon as I can. I'm on the road this weekend.


  7. I like the image a lot.Unintended, but definitely neat.


  8. Got you!"Eviltwit" well, memorable.


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