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I haz a very sad

The Boe kitty and I are awaiting the visiting vet.

It’s been two years, pretty much, since I first noticed the weird bump on his jaw, and I guess he’s made a good run of it. Last year when Sair went off to school, I thought she was saying good-bye, but since then he’s eaten moths, and stared down kittens for his treats, and pretty much figured out about being mom’s favorite.

Last night he purred when I patted him, and then went upstairs to hang out with Tom for a while for more pattings. (Nothing like someone trying to work to attract a cat.)

This afternoon he walked into the kitchen to use his box, and when he stepped down, his rear end  just stopped working.

Dang the boy, he’s already working on figuring out how to just drag himself around. He’s perplexed by the need, though, and discussing it with me.

The hardware on this cat utterly sucks, but he is so damned awesome. Best boy ever.

If it were only this thing with the legs, I would be figuring out how to fit him with wheels, but his entire jaw is pretty much dysfunctional now, and he’s wasted away to almost no cat at all. I don’t think he’s having much fun.

It’s time.


Mr. Boe is still in the building

Just to make a progress report. We took him back by the vet and he had another antibiotic shot, and another cleaning, so he’s pretty comfy. Despite the rain and cold, he then took off immediately after we got home to go about his mysterious ways and all. I think he needed to go pee in the bushes like the civilized boy that he is.

His weight holding pretty steady. He has a good appetite, and basically is getting a good assortment of baby food, gooshy stuff, canned tuna mashed up, and whipped cream from a spray bottle. Our friend came over with dessert and brought some, and it was an instant hit. Basically, Boe can’t really chew efficiently anymore, but he can still envelop food, and lick at it, and he manages to get down enough if he always has some on hand. It’s mostly a matter of keeping his food away from Doc (aka GreedyGuts).

Loper the Feral also put in an appearance, so I fed him and put down some catnip, and gave Boe some as well. He spent a long time dealing with it, then jumped into an empty file box and sat watching over the edge for 40 minutes by the clock. He didn’t seem to care whether the kittens went by or not. It was all some Cat Yoga zen sort of  thing: an “I am watching over the edge of something” event. He took a break and ate more, and he is now sitting inside the other, sideways, box, presumably practicing the other cat position vis-a-vis a box: “I am watching from around the corner of something.” Later he will locate the lid and demonstrate the “I am sitting on a box.” Clearly there is some kind of marathon event going on.

Lurker asks

Reasonably  enough.

What will Wolfie think of all this? And Boe?

Well, we shall see.

Boe has been playing truant a lot.
I think with the recent loss of so many of his cat family, he is just not as happy.
(He adored Motley, and he and Nikki slept in a kitty pile.)
There’s a bunch of other young kitties down the block, and I think he’s hanging out down there a lot.
Maybe he will be happier with other younger cats here?

Wolfie misses Boe when he’s not around.
Boe turned up last night, having not been seen since Thursday.
He ate and hung around, but wouldn’t come in.
(They both fear Sisko, and require help getting past him to get upstairs.)
When I called Wolfie in later, he kept coming up to the porch, even to the door, but not coming in.
Instead he looked around, waiting for Boe, who wasn’t coming in.
I finally coaxed him in after midnight.

He’s going to be very unhappy when we lose Boe.
I’m hoping he can bond with the new guys – the brothers are more ex-ferals, and the kitten is very pro-cat – and maybe make it a little less grim this winter.

Doctor 7?
Kitten likes cats.
He was trying to say hi to every kitty in the place.
If any of these guys gives him an inch, he’ll take a foot.
My ebil plot is to get him in with the brothers as babysitters.
Could work.

Sisko is sorta a basket case, and we will all just have to cope.
But he got along fine with Nikki, so maybe he doesn’t find younger cats as threatening.

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Cross Yer Fingers

Until the 13th.

We have a kitten on “hold” at the Animal Shelter.
He was found straying, and won’t be released until then.

I didn’t mean to do it.
Nikki may still return.
Boe is ticking through his last days.
And Sisko and Wolfie are the Spat Brothers.

But he’s a three month old Perfect Master, little tiny Buddha cat, and he looked at me.
He is utterly not my usual cat.
In as much as I was looking for a cat, I was looking for Laurie’s kittens – slinky little black and white guys.

The as-yet-nameless one is a round little tabby fluffball.
He likes laps.
He’s got a voice, and uses it.
He LOVES other kitties.

When I took him out of the kennel to hold he was all gotta-check-out-where-the-kitty-sounds-come-from.
Then he started cleaning my wrist brace.
(The velcro is too tough for him to undo yet – what is it with tabbies anyway?)

I was going to just bring him home tomorrow, and then tell people.
(This being not a convenient time, ya know.)
But the paperwork was all screwy.
They set it all up to fix him tomorrow and have me pick him up at the vet’s, and I paid and all.
And went back to cuddle him some more.
Then someone noticed he hadn’t been released yet, and won’t be until Friday.
They weren’t supposed to even start yet, but since we did they are just putting him on hold til Friday.
But they didn’t know I was back there cuddling, so they phoned the house with their news.
Is all fine, though I lost the element of surprise.
(But did get to take Tom and Sair off to see him – YAY!)

So cross your fingers.
Though, if he is someone’s lost darling and they come fetch him, that’s fine with me, which is what I told the shelter people too.
It’s just all on hold until….. DRUM ROLL…..
We find out on
(Will go get pics tomorrow.)

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A nasty lousy summer

Back from another evening’s postering off near campus.
There’s got to be a better way to do this.

I’m, perhaps pointlessly, optimistically expecting Nikki back some time.
He hasn’t turned up at the shelter.
I’d thought maybe he was just off the streets, rescued again, but he seems to be displaying more street smarts than I’d have expected.
Assuming that was him that was spotted over at the dorms.
But enough is enough, and I want him home.
Everybody misses him.

His best buddy Boe isn’t going to be with us too much longer.
(As I said, it’s being a really lousy summer.)
Boe’s lump has finally resolved itself into a squamous cell carcinoma on his right lower jaw.
It had everyone baffled, for one thing because he’s only three.
(I found something on-line saying median age for this in cats is 12.)
For another the growth is atypically involved with his jawbone.
Apparently this kind of thing usually means the bone starts getting all fragile and eaten through.
Instead his lump is all bone, hard enough they could scarcely get a sample.

There is nothing to do.
Cats need jaws.
For now he’s fine.
Looks a bit like Jay Leno, and missing most of those lower teeth, but perfectly cheerful.
He’s eating, grooming, and running about being a happy cat.
It’s all watching and spoiling and all.
I’d get him the moon, am getting him babyfuds and chicken and tunas, and very much want to get him his idiot friend back.

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