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In Non-Cat-Related News

I forgot to mention other stuff that’s going on.
Let’s see now….

Tom’s on unemployment, but has work in the fall.
He’s still one course short of a full load of classes, so no benefits for us.
And one of the three classes is down in Santa Cruz, so the commute is back.

Someone stole Tom’s car again.
Apparently Camrys of the late 80s are an easy steal, and someone keeps making off with it if we don’t load the driveway appropriately, or use the annoying wheel-lock device.
We got it back, but there was an enjoyable paper hunt through the city for the documentation of theft and recovery in order to get out of a good dozen parking tickets.
(Could the meter person have checked the car’s status perhaps? Nah.)
Now we get to go track down the blocked-for-tickets registration with the state, to get back to square one.

The back yard tenants, of whom I continue to be fond, are interested in fiddling with the yard, which I approve of in theory.
In practice, they seem determined to slaughter one of my favorite rose bushes.
I think we have now communicated on the matter.
But it’s a little touchy, since I actually like them, and approve of them having a bit of the yard to use, and don’t want to be roaring at them about it.
The last tenant to do something similar was the new roommate of a sitting tenant who immediately moved out after our discussion of exactly why he thought it was okay to go into my stuff in the garage, find my clippers, and slaughter an about-to-bloom lilac bush.
So this time I am trying to be gentle.

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As a follow-up on the lightbulb FAIL

I was showing the house to a prospective tenant.
So Current Tenant had an issue he had to share with me.
The electrical outlets are too loose.

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