As a follow-up on the lightbulb FAIL

I was showing the house to a prospective tenant.
So Current Tenant had an issue he had to share with me.
The electrical outlets are too loose.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. omg. I complain to my landlord all of the time about my loose outlets. Every time I plug or unplug anything it sparks. I told my Grandmother about it one time in passing on the phone and she got all irate and told me to tell him if I die in a house fire she's going to sue his ass. I never thought I'd hear my Gram say such a thing, it was hilarious.


  2. Love your Gram.Yep, people should *not* mess with her and hers!Ah well.Less dramatic here.These guys aren't sparking or anything, they are just loose.And stuff in the house plugs in fine,Or, at least, no previous tenant – and some of them have been utterly clueless – have had no issues.Or if they did, they dealt with it.You know, so you fiddle a little with the prongs of the plugs so they staying in.I'm unclear on what I'm supposed to do about this, since I find myself unwilling to touch the plugs on any of his stuff, lest I somehow ruin it and have to replace their computer or whatever.Or, and it is all plugged in now.


  3. Well if you have to fiddle with the plugs to make them stay in, its really time to have the outlets replaced. Least in the kitchen and bathroom where the heavy loads are typically used.


  4. This is setting up office in the dining room.And everything was, in fact, plugged in and looking normal.These were the same people who couldn't change the light bulbs….


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