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(Almost) Finished!!

Painted the entire first floor.
Replaced floor on entire first floor, since once the crappy rug was up it became apparent that the underlying linoleum on cement had not survived forty-odd years intact.
So now there is moisture-barrier stuff and Pergo.
Painted staircase, but not wooden treads, which was utterly tedious, but looks great.
Painted the upstairs hall, and the kitchen.

There are still some scraps to finish – a bit of ceiling at the top of the staircase, because we ran out of paint for the day.
The last of the brown/liver colored kitchen paint near the blinds, cos I forgot how to take them down.
I’ll get these later this week when the last of the repairs get made.

Then I can start working on my own house, maybe.

Oh, the reason the paint is Landlord White, is that the landlord now has quantities of it upon her.

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still fussing at house

It’s just that there are nice people moving in.
So it’s not just cleaning out the last of the stuff, it’s getting the bones of the place better.

Painted bathroom #1.
It has mocha colored tile and was bright yellow, with bits of underlying forest green paint showing.
it now Landlord White (Benjamin Moore Atrium White).
They want color, they can buy towels.
(But if they aren’t brown or white, it will look weird.)

Today will paint bathroom #2.
Bright pink tiles, currently bright yellow.
And take (I hope) final truckload or so of stuff to dump.
(More springs, dead drapes, broken stuff.)
Finish sorting papers and books (Tom).
Maybe some paint on other walls.
Goodwill run.
Buy stove and toilet seat.
That sort of stuff.

We will be done by the 1st, and I will briefly get my own life back.

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