Some Cats

These are the Feral Brothers, and these guys just visit.

Toby sneaks by and eats and leaves.

Loper spends more time here, and I can actually touch him.

Sisko is our current oldest cat, a little nutty.

He was my friend’s cat that I inherited.

He is reasonably content with us.

Wolfie is still here, still a little freaky, but very sweet.

He disapproves of the Freak Bros, but is only rally afraid of Sisko. Sisko takes advantage of this by finding Wolfie and threatening him whenever he wants something.

Boe has no new photos because the jaw cancer is too upsetting. He continues to be doing okay though, and is being plied with baby food, chicken, and all the patting he will allow.

New Kittehs (Doc and the Freak Brothers) to follow.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Aw, family portraits. How sweet.


  2. Posted by Freedom Smith on October 24, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    They are precious. I am so sorry about Boe. Sounds like you are giving him the best of care. You are so good to your pets and your visiting kitties as well.


  3. Do you have old pictures of Boe? I’ve forgotten what he looks like, other than he was Mysterious.


  4. will find.
    (good looking slinky tuxie boy with silly blobby moustache)


  5. Hai, hai, kittehs!

    So sorry about the sick kitty. He has loved his life, I am sure!


  6. He is still loving it.
    Just demanded to go out into the interesting post-rain world, having slept non-stop through the rain for a day and a half.
    Is still eating, still grooming, still purring, so we are all ignoring the silly old lumpy bits.


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