It’s a Jungle in There

In my fishtank.

It sits on the kitchen table, so if you are eating breakfast you can watch the fish. But I’ve been busy, lazy, distracted and haven’t tended to it for, um, a while.

In the meantime a weird growth of waving blackish seaweed has sprung up all over everything, and lots of algae covering the flat rocks, and a general air of aquarium neglect. I keep dumping more water in, but otherwise I’ve just been sending it guilty thoughts of cleaning it soon.


So, at breakfast this morning I was looking at it, and Something moved in the flowing field of soft black weed.


Two of them, different sizes.

For all I know, there are more.

So, I guess that means the catfish are happy, and I shouldn’t disturb them.


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  1. Before I got my big fishums, the barbs actually laid eggs and hatched out several broods. And the tank never looked more disastrous. LOL. I’ve got that blackish algae looking stuff and need to find out what it is. Very feathery and fluffy looking though. I think it may be making the Pleco sick. He’s gone rigid a couple times from nailing the lid with his noggin, dummy. But a few, I though he was dieded and I poked him even, he was stiff. I let him sit until I got off work and there he was, strutting all around the tank. Sheesh that fish… My tank is a bit too big for the table though. It’s a 75 gallon one. I have rocks, some boiled driftwood and of course live plants. One of these days I’ll clean it up and snap some shots of the big boys swimming around. Maybe even put some more barbs in there.


  2. Them’s good eatin’.

    (I couldn’t think of anything else)


    • LOL. My plecos, the two before this one, were good eating size. Basically they are catfish of sorts. One was 18 inches, the other 16 inches long. Hoover and Oreck. They died shortly after the Missus cleaned the fish tank. Also the last time she was allowed to clean the fish tank. Just saying…


      • You must have a ginormous tank, K!! WOW. The biggest I had was a 5-gal and I’ve been thinking of restocking it. I loved my fish and had the original group for about 4 yrs., till I introduced a few contaminated tetras into the what should have been left alone. Everything died. I was utterly heartbroken. My tetras, snails, plecos, everything. Dumb, dumb, dumb…


    • I don’t like catfish. Fer eatin’ anyways. But they’re the best for keeping a fishtank clean, that’s why they’re called “bottom feeders.” *snerk*


  3. Your reasoning seems pretty solid to me. Your neglected aquarium is now a nursery, so just let nature take it’s course! Execellent justification. Good-bye, guilt. You are now the caretaker of new aquatic life!


  4. I’ve heard that algae in fishtanks are problems for hoomans, but that it’s a natural part of the tank ecosystem, so yeah, leaving it be for now might be the best thing. I can’t imagine seeing a leetle BB catfish come swimming by! Make sure he don’t get et!


  5. Congratulations! It’s actually very hard to get catfish to spawn, harder still for the eggs to survive until they hatch. The other fish in my son’s tank would eat the eggs before they were even a day old. 😦

    I don’t keep fish any more because I got sarcoidosis after cleaning the tank (see Jaypo’s comment). I’m not saying you will too—my immune system overreacted to a virus in my system, which was a freak occurrence. But there’s nothing wrong with leaving the algae alone for a while.


  6. Pics of teh babies?!? Or too much algae for that?


  7. Posted by aubrey on November 4, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    LITTLE FISHIES!!! Whenever we investigate the little tide pools at the beach, a discovery of Little Fishies is the finest one of all. To discover them in your home must be truly spectacular.



  8. Wooooohooooooo!!! How cool!
    And no one gave them a baby shower…man, it’s tough being a fish.
    Could that black wavy stuff be fish placenta?
    Is there such a thing?


  9. Awwwwww, it’s so fun to have babies! 😀

    Congrats on your new fishies!!!


  10. Ah, apparently the little cory moms deposit their eggs about the tank, when they are in the mood.
    (No one tells me when said eggs get fertilized… fish tank people seem to be a quiet lot, not given to over-sharing sensitive details.)
    Eggs, and teeny babies (fry) are seen as Tasty Treats, and so try hard Not to be Seen.
    They are pretty good at it.
    I caught sight of the really little ones squirming down into the gravel and into the seaweed.
    Very sneaky.


    • This is where the rocks and stuff I have in my tank come into play. they have lots of little nooks to hide. But the big Pleco is a vacuuming wonder of nature… LOL


  11. babeh pics!


  12. Posted by Boston Margy on November 5, 2010 at 9:58 am

    I love catfish, usually baked or fried. Sorry, couldn’t resist!


  13. The New Guy Kitties have discovered the fish tank.
    It is very securely covered, so all they can do is whip around in front of it freaking out the fish.
    They ave very different styles though.
    Doc just wants to watch, but the Feral Bros are all WANT! about it.


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