Cross Yer Fingers

Until the 13th.

We have a kitten on “hold” at the Animal Shelter.
He was found straying, and won’t be released until then.

I didn’t mean to do it.
Nikki may still return.
Boe is ticking through his last days.
And Sisko and Wolfie are the Spat Brothers.

But he’s a three month old Perfect Master, little tiny Buddha cat, and he looked at me.
He is utterly not my usual cat.
In as much as I was looking for a cat, I was looking for Laurie’s kittens – slinky little black and white guys.

The as-yet-nameless one is a round little tabby fluffball.
He likes laps.
He’s got a voice, and uses it.
He LOVES other kitties.

When I took him out of the kennel to hold he was all gotta-check-out-where-the-kitty-sounds-come-from.
Then he started cleaning my wrist brace.
(The velcro is too tough for him to undo yet – what is it with tabbies anyway?)

I was going to just bring him home tomorrow, and then tell people.
(This being not a convenient time, ya know.)
But the paperwork was all screwy.
They set it all up to fix him tomorrow and have me pick him up at the vet’s, and I paid and all.
And went back to cuddle him some more.
Then someone noticed he hadn’t been released yet, and won’t be until Friday.
They weren’t supposed to even start yet, but since we did they are just putting him on hold til Friday.
But they didn’t know I was back there cuddling, so they phoned the house with their news.
Is all fine, though I lost the element of surprise.
(But did get to take Tom and Sair off to see him – YAY!)

So cross your fingers.
Though, if he is someone’s lost darling and they come fetch him, that’s fine with me, which is what I told the shelter people too.
It’s just all on hold until….. DRUM ROLL…..
We find out on
(Will go get pics tomorrow.)

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12 responses to this post.

  1. [this is very good indeed!] Oh, wow, a tabby fluffball! I had one of those for a while, and he had a personality unlike any other.
    Good luck for Friday the 13th!


  2. Oooh, I just noticed "pics tomorrow"! Can't wait.


  3. He reminded me immediately of my old cat Felix, who wasn't fluffy but was a really super cat.And he's a lapcat, and right now no one sits on Tom.And he likes other cats, and Wolfie's kind of lonely.Boe, the creep, takes off on two and three day adventures and leaves him behind.He just came home from being missing since Thursday.Wolfie is out there hopping on things and playing with him, because Wolfie adores him.(And, sigh, Boe is going to go off on the final adventure some time this winter, and I'm not having Wolfie left alone.)


  4. Oh, Boe! You're a terrible worry, like Nikki wasn't enough!
    Wolfie definitely must have a buddy and Tom needs a lovebug cat.
    If I can't send you my kittens, you should have this one.


  5. Yay for lapcats! That reminds me of my Ex when we first got Elvis. Elvis was already a couple of months old and so darn playful and had a hard time sitting still. Ex would pick Elvis up and put him on his lap. "You're a pet! Your job is to be petted!" Elvis would have none of it at first, then settled right in to be a snuggler.


  6. *fingers crossed*


  7. Oooooo! This is great news! *crossing everything!!!*


  8. Fingers crossed along with toes. Looking forward to photos.


  9. The important thing is that kitty is in a win/win situation: either I get to bring him home, or he goes back to someone else who already loves him.One other, tiny deciding factor was that I'd just put him back into his kennel for a second, and not re-locked it.I'd wanted to look at the other kitten, wondering whether he should come as a part of a pair (still wondering-decided it can wait).When coo-ing mom of a two year-old was there.Having joked about wanting the shelter's coding cards for her kid – the "caution, he bites one."She went over and fetched out MY kitten and was trying to sell him to the toddler – "touch gently" – and all.I mean, I am clearly not against having kids and cats.But not this baby cat and that demonical-gleam-in-his-eye monster kid.Who had been happily eying the magnificent and calm owner-surrender Siamese mix, who seemed more up to his weight.Which is what sent me off to do paperwork.


  10. ::crosses fingers:: Sounds like such a cute kitteh! I’m hoping for the best!


  11. Can't wait for pics. And this one of those "either way happy endings." Buddha-Tabby gets a home either way.


  12. If he's not your usual sort, then he is special and important indeed.Looking forward to Buddha tabby pix.Hey, maybe I'll get to see this one.


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