As promised, KITTEH

The puffy under him I bought in.
I have one inside the brace, because it was chaffing my skin.
And when I visited earlier he Wanted it.
So I brought him in his own.
(And will bring in some more squares of it when I’m done with them.)

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13 responses to this post.

  1. THE WHISKERS!!!!!!!!!!(and teh qte, of course, but gah)


  2. Awwww, those eyeses!! So lovely of you to bring him the Want.


  3. by the number, are we thinking Sylvester?


  4. Yep.(And, by back formation, we used to have kitties One, Two, Three, and Four. So (next post) Quintus and Sextus, then this little dude.


  5. I have a sudden urge to name a pair of kittens Quintus and Sextus. Must remember that for future use. (Far-future since we're only on kitties dos y tres)


  6. Sair, of course, immediately pointed out that late at night we could go out and call for him: "SEX!"


  7. Congratulations! He's so lovely.


  8. AND since mine are going to the Humane Society in the a.m., it now falls to you to keep the hood entertained with kitten photos!


  9. A total heart-throb!! Wowza whiskers and an adorably pointed nosicle. My big bratty is romping. Must go play nao…


  10. He is a triangle haid!


  11. I’m a sucker for wheeskers as well! This kitteh is no exception!


  12. A co-worker has also just acquired a tabby kitty. Semi-feral, just getting socialized and as small as a teacup.(I just injured my hand, reaching for kitty through the computer screen – Want To Pet The Kitten)


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