And, as long as we were at the shelter

hanging about and patting this guy

We also met these dudes.

They apparently were rescued as babies from a warehouse, fostered, and have been at the shelter since June.
They sleep in a pile, and groom each other, and play, and the black one was being carried about like a scarf on one of the volunteers’ neck.
But they are really crowded.
And these guys are only sorta social, and very bonded, and not tiny kittens any longer, and not the really popular look.
The volunteers were very upset that the guys have really pretty much had as much of a chance as they were going to get, as in, until maybe at the end of the week…

(Actually, they were named Chad and Bruce, but I don’t think so.)

You may notice, they are in boxes.
We have just doubled our cat population.

On the plus side, they seem to have the feral-hurray!-it’s-another-cat thing going.
I’m hoping they can hang with the kitten and keep him from being lonely when we aren’t around.
I can hope.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. FFS, take two cats that are not the popular look in the first place… and name them Chad and Bruce???? Wtg for making them seem more appealing…. not.


  2. What will Wolfie think of all this? And Boe?


  3. You are so awesome giving these guys a home!


  4. Welcome to the litter box fellas!!!!! Congrats on the new family members.


  5. Gorange-ous eyes!!They have the dickens in them, it shows.


  6. Great looking boys!


  7. I'm with LOM. What the heck were they thinking naming the cats Chad and Bruce?! Those are two of our worst names.Well done giving these guys a new home…and new names.


  8. SQUUEEEEEEE! RESCUE KITTEHS!!!! Oh, this is so wonderful. I just may have to cry. Dammit. I need to figure out if I'm staying here or running off to the far side of the world. If I stay, it's kitty time.


  9. My sister came back from the Foreign Service with a cat.Just saying.


  10. Duly noted. 😉


  11. As they say over here, Bless. as someone who also can not resist varmints who need a home and am prone to "doubling populations", you have just garnered some extra good karma. (a friend of mine keeps harassing me to get MORE rabbits.She has nine, but she also does not work. Rabbits need attention and also having a load of them in the house is not a great idea as they will fight and fight very fiercely.)


  12. I agree, totally frat boy names. LOL! How about Starsky and Hutch, for crying out loud!


  13. Yay new kittehs! I think they’ll be very happy with you guys


  14. Yeay! That's awesome. It must be the season for ex-feral black kitties– we just added one to the house, too!


  15. I was reading this with a heart that kept gasping and I was so happy to get to the end and see them rescued…have cats become a fashion item then? That's just ridiculous. You are such a kind person to do this.


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