Classless act continues

You'd think with all their talk of values, and respecting individuals and blah, blah, blah, the Republicans would quit pirating music for their conventions.
Folks, this is not obscure stuff.
This isn't me trying to stage an event.
They know how to do this stuff, they're just choosing not to.

Republicans Take Heart; Heart Takes It Back

Sarah Palin

Ann and Nancy Wilson are hoping the Republicans change their tune—and aren't planning on waiting until November to find out.

The sisterly duo known as Heart sent a
cease-and-desist notice to the McCain-Palin campaign Thursday afternoon
after their hit "Barracuda" was used—twice—without permission as the
official rallying cry for the vice presidential candidate after her
nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

The song was chosen as a would-be cute tie-in to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's past—"Barracuda" was her high school nickname.

Only problem, campaign officials failed to ask either the group,
Universal Music Publishing or Sony BMG whether the song was fair game
to use. It wasn't.

have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music," the
Heart duo said in a statement. "We hope our wishes will be honored."

The Wilsons added that permission to use the song was never requested, nor would it have been granted.

Then came Thursday night, and following John McCain's acceptance speech at the RNC, Palin joined her running mate onstage, once again to the strains of the '70s classic.

The Wilsons wasted no time in getting to the, well, heart of the matter in a rant to Entertainment Weekly.

"I think it's completely unfair to be so misrepresented," Nancy Wilson told the magazine Thursday night. "I feel completely f–ked over."

Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart

Randee St. Nicholas

Her reaction was followed up by an email sent by her and Ann to EW.

"Sarah Palin's views and values in NO WAY represent us as American
women. We ask that our song 'Barracuda' no longer be used to promote
her image…[It] was written in the late '70s as a scathing rant
against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business,
particularly for women…There's irony in Republican strategists'
choice to make use of it there."

There's also a bit of precedent.

John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne and Boston have all previously made noise about the GOP's unauthorized use of their songs during this year's campaign.

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24 responses to this post.

  1. I heard about this and I especially remember the Boston deal with Mike Huckabee. Bad Republicans, bad…


  2. Wow.It's good to know that their purported values really show in their actions. *snerk*


  3. Interesting.


  4. As spucko pointed out, at this stage the only music the GOP can get right about now is Ted Nugent. And Cat Scratch Fever would suit them just fine.


  5. Why am I not surprised, and well, there you have it. I am glad you posted this, I need to share it with a 'musical' friend of mine.


  6. there must be lots of swell stuff in the public domain that they could use.


  7. I do swear if McCain's elected I'm staying in my PJs all day, moving to Key West, singing Heart songs at the beach bar every night, and spending the rest of my life in pursuit of the elusive Green Flash.


  8. Don't forget the rum.They just don't know when to stop, do they? Self-righteous and entitled bustards.


  9. Just like they didn't clear it first with Paris Hilton or Britney Spears for that effed-up commercial, either. And yet they say they can run the US right.If McCain's elected I wanna move to Key West in my jammies wif my pyrit — that ok with you py???


  10. Gimmaces and desperately rakes hands through hair. Attempts laughter.


  11. Kin I come too? No, I don't even want to think about it… Not gonna happen! Got that?? It' *shifty eyes*


  12. pyrit didn't agree to it yet, but sure! She'll pick you up on her way down HERE to get me, j.I guess we all need to think positive and put positive thoughts out there into the universe??? I was so disgusted listening to Palin's speech Weds. She was so smug and so self-righteous. Yeah it was a well-written speech and yeah she is experienced in speaking effectively (used to work as a television reporter) — but her attitude was so offensive, wasn't it? Her smirks and her "I am Hot Shit" demeanor.And oh my god — did you see all the people in the audience with their "I'm voting for the Hot Chick" political buttons!!?? I've never followed politics before…is this what I've been missing all these years???&:o(


  13. No, this is worse than usual.I just sent Obama some money.(Make that me and $10 million worth of other people)I can't stand this.


  14. Oh, great, so if I drag out my "I'm voting for the Black Man" buttons, no one will mind? I can't stand it, either, and I'm usually apolitical, meaning I usually don't care. But this year I care, alot.


  15. "Gimmaces" ? Where'd "Grimmaces" go.Seiously.lauo, you can stand it. You can. This is only the Opening Act.


  16. Do you have any buttons that say "I like my Presidents like I like my coffee…"? (yikes…)


  17. And I can't crawl under my bed. There are drawers there.


  18. But I'm sure they did take care – and let the vetting team vet the music 😉


  19. The certainly picked the right song title. Has anyone written "Piranha'? Maybe she could use that one.
    And is Key West far enough away?


  20. ssnerk…Key West is pretty far.with rum.Definitely lots of rum


  21. i was sitting with a group of girlfriends noshing and watching the speech and at the end when that song came on we were all screaming "NO NO NO!"


  22. you were all sooooo right


  23. Foreshadowing?


  24. Disgusting. Appalling. But not really surprising, is it? Ugh.I'm glad you posted this reminder. Time for me to pony up some more for Barack.


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