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I have student visa, do I need return ticket to enter?

I'm in a two-term, 10 month program and have a student visa.
Do I have to book my return flight, in May, now?
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    So this was the question I was researching when I hit upon the visa problem.
    Here is my first reply (from Courtney):


OMG just stay in your country please! America does not need another
damn mexican or whatever you are in this country. And please if you
come don't take any American jobs away. That is really annoying!

      So I edited the question, and added:

1st answer is unintentionally funny.

I have a student visa – to study in London – in a 10 month program.
I wanted to know whether I need to have my return ticket – back to the usa – in order to enter the uk.
(Though, Courtney, the Brits are trying to be sure that I'm not trying
to sneak in and steal those good uk jobs, the ones paid in
fiscally-healthy British currency.)
So does anyone actually know about this?

    I still haven't gotten a clear answer on the return ticket thing.



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6 responses to this post.

  1. I'd call the British embassy.


  2. You can't talk to the Embassy.The Brits have outsourced all passport matters to an independent $3/hour service.I may end up calling them anyway, but I'm hoping to figure it out on my own.Sigh.


  3. Take the ticket with you, then. You can always cancel the return ticket and reschedule if you need to, no?


  4. Jeez, some people are idiots.Hope you get this figured out.


  5. I like how people feel compelled to answer when they don't actually HAVE an answer. This is just random noise where someone just HAS to open their mouth and say something. Yep, an idiot. Did you get a valid answer yet?


  6. You can ask your International Office in the UK university. Usually they will know about the visa issue. I studied in the UK before. I didn't need to get a return ticket to enter the UK. Most likely you will be fine. But do check with the International Office or your Admissions Office (somebody there should be able to direct you to the right people). Good luck!


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