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Ah, lemme see now

I have bunches of housekeeping to do.

Both here on non-virtual, sigh.

And managed to get Sair’s bug and am now head ache-sneezing-and general ick, so this will go slooooowly.

Have to figure out how things transferred and all.

Have to move into my blog properly and find backgrounds and all that.

Have to see if there is some better way to see you guys’ posts then just inching through “Read-o-Matic” It slices, it dices, it shows one bloody post at a time, and you have to click yet again to comment. Or is there a better way I am just not seeing?

I can live with it, if I must, but I WANT MY NEIGHBORHOOD PAGE BACK. Or a reasonable facsimile.

Meanwhile, I’m off getting more tea and aspirin and tissues.