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QotD: Indecision 2008 — and every year!

What do you think of Stephen Colbert's satirical bid for the U.S. Presidency?  

All for it, the more the merrier.

But you gotta love the classics.
(From Nobody's Campaign Manager, at

On December 8, 1975, at the United
State Cafe
, on Haight
, in San Francisco, I spoke with Wavy
about voter

I pointed to some statistics that
showed people were not registering
to vote
and aproximately 50% or less of the registered voters made
it to the polls.

Wavy responded, "You mean Nobody is
winning the Presidential elections?"

That question became the
spark that ignited the Birthday
"Nobody for President Campaign".

Wavy became "Nobody's
", I became "Nobody's Campaign
", and the rest is history.


For those of you who missed the campaign, the platform contained such undeniable gems as:

Because Nobody really cares about the voters.
Because Nobody deserves this much power.

And, hey, the percentage of people voting for Nobody just keeps going up.

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