So here’s the math

So here’s the official word on the “overloading” of the balcony:

Questions have also been raised about whether the deck, which measures about 4.5 feet by 8.9 feet (4’-5¾” x 8’-10¾”), was overcrowded and that, perhaps, the weight of the young people on it contributed to its collapse.The deck was constructed to 1988 code standards, which required it to hold 60 pounds per square foot, according to Chakko. That meant the balcony should have been able to support at least 2,391 pounds, which is more than the 13 students standing on it would have weighed, assuming an average weight of 150 pounds (total of 1,950 pounds).


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  1. I make it the kids could have weighed 180 each and it still should have held.


  2. URGH. And who was the a-hole who claimed they were meant to be decorative only??? I want to see some of these people in prison. Bet we won’t, though.


  3. If they were “decorative, the footprint would have been 5″ X 8’9”.

    I’m not expecting to see anyone suffer for this except for the dead and injured, and their loved ones.


  4. you saw the update about wood rot due to being improperly sealed when built; and additional balconies red-tagged?

    I was once at a party at a friends and when we went out on the balcony, I could feel that it was just “not right” and immediately went back inside. i’m sure that balcony has since fallen and am thankful i had the sense not to stay on it as i’m sure it would have fallen that night, with me on it.


  5. Yep.
    The city is filled with balconies on similar new buildings, all put up with similar inspection rigor.


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