It has no bearing on the tragedy

“Segue Construction, the Library Gardens general contractor, was involved in two San Francisco Bay Area lawsuits in recent years involving allegations of dry rot and substandard balconies at condo and apartment projects in Millbrae and San Jose. Among other things, Segue was accused of improperly waterproofing balconies.

Both cases were settled in 2013 with Segue, developers and other parties agreeing to pay millions of dollars.

Segue spokesman Sam Singer said such litigation is common on large projects and “has no bearing on the tragedy” in Berkeley.”


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  1. Posted by Oliver W on June 18, 2015 at 5:52 am

    So where these cases then settled out of court? No definitive case to answer? No action taken to improve safety. If the same neglect applies to the company responsible for the build design and safety regs here then I trust that the company CEO is open to a manslaughter by neglect charge.



  2. There’s a totally complicated trail of who owns what: who “developed,” who “constructed,” who “planned.”
    And then a few changes of ownership, and currently different huge out-of-town corporations owning and managing the place.
    I’m assuming a lot of the corporate fancy footwork is meant to obfuscate details of responsibility and make tracing finances difficult.
    And besides turning Berkeley into a money cow for these companies – with all that rent going out of town forever, it means no one is here to mind the store, just low-paid minions with no budget for repairs, so those companies can wring every last penny of profit out of these places.

    My question is, with the city’s massive building wave – this thing was the only one of the first of many – whether Segue worked, or is currently working, on any of the others.
    Or, for that matter, whether the other guys throwing up this new construction have been doing things any better.
    The head of planning who let this one through quit his city job and now works as a consultant for corporations wanting to build in Berkeley, so I think we can assume a fair degree of sameness in recent construction.

    Me, I live in a Victorian, but I worry about the kids paying top dollar to be sardined into these places.


  3. Sure … just because you have a past history of doing something and the same thing happened again on a project you worked on doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing happened there as well. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …


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