And now there are fish in it!

It’s still a work in progress. I’m still fiddling around with the lights – there’s a fancy programable light coming Friday, so it will turn on and off on its own. And maybe more plants. But the bones of it are set, and probably this is it for fish.

full tank

So that’s the tank, with the golden minnows and the neons hanging out up in the clear top space. That’s pretty much what these guys do. Mostly they clump in schools by kind, but sometimes they all swim together in one big pack. And there are these guys:

2 gourami

That’s a pair of dwarf blue gouramis, two males. They are said to be gentle with other fish, but get aggressive and territorial with each other. I crossed my fingers, though, and got two. After all, the tank is pretty big, and all planted up, and it seems to be okay. At first they did a little fancy displaying at each other, and a couple of times one of them shoved the other. But since then they’ve taken to the opposite sides of the tank. They make the occasional quick foray into each other’s bit, and sometimes they meet each other in the middle, when there is food to be chased after. But all they do is swim about a bit, then settle into their respective corners. So here one is escorting the other back across the middle of the tank. Mostly they just sit in their own plants and swirl around.

And this is the best shot I can get of the corys. Silly things are always either zipping around really fast, or sleeping under the plants.


Here they are turning about, getting ready for another dash across the tank. They bop about in groups – I’ve seen as many as nine of the twelve of them in a pack. Or else they just sit on the bottom, making me me think maybe they’ve died. One or the other. This lot are babies, and rather adorable. They’ll be about twice as big when they’re grown.

So that’s the tank. Still being ignored by cats.


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  1. I love it! What a nice collection of fish!
    And the real plants are great. You have done a fine job!

    My huge tank with 50+ cichlids looks ok. Yours looks more friendly. 🙂


  2. Wow, the tank looks great, especially all the plants. And the fishies too, of course.


  3. Looks lovely! I would definitely want to be a fish in there.


  4. Your gouramis are such a pretty blue.
    Also, yay, neons!


    • The gouramis are even prettier than the photo.
      They’ve got an intricate design in orange lines that just shimmers.
      Depending on the light they’re either the blue in the photo, or a more greenish blue.
      Yeah, I couldn’t resist getting them.
      I wish they were just a step calmer with their own kind though, because I’d love to have a bunch of them.
      But apparently they can get into vicious fights, so I’m not going to push it.
      The two of them seem to have settled in peacefully, so yay.


  5. I enjoyed seeing it last weekend, pre-gourami. The little swimming guys are just so shiny. I spotted 6 of the corys, which I gather is pretty good for a first try.

    Iz pretty.


    • It gets hypnotic.
      And you have to keep fussing at it.
      (Which is just what I need, something else to have to fuss at.)
      But it is very restful.


  6. Gouramis are related to bettas, so two males usually won’t tolerate each other in the same tank. It seems like your tank is big enough to accommodate the both of them, though. Do they chase the other fish out of their “territories?”


    • So far, so good, on the mutual toleration thing.
      I’d seen people on the fish tank boards saying it had worked for them, so that was why I was willing to chance it.
      The gouramis do pointedly ignore each other if they come face to face during feeding
      And otherwise they lurk in their respective plant patches, twirling around gracefully, and looking peevish.
      They just don’t care at all about the other fish.
      The corys will be swimming around being manic, and even practically bump into them, and it just doesn’t matter.
      If anything, they’ll back away if the corys are being too rambunctious, despite being like four times their size.
      Mostly there is much lurking in the greenery.
      When I very first put them in, one of them was all disoriented, and he actually did rush aggressively at a neon.
      Oh gawd, I was thinking.
      But then he just stopped dead, and looked embarrassed.
      I think he’d seen a blue flash, and thought it was a contender, but it wasn’t.
      Very single-minded.


  7. Posted by aubrey on June 11, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    I see a seashell! Is there anyone inside? Would you consider adding a mollusk population?


    • I’ve got a few ramshead snails, which probably means lots of them soon.
      But I don’t now of much else available.
      There are lovely little red freshwater shrimps, but I’m worried that some of the larger fish would make two bites of them.
      I keep trying to decide if I feel lucky or not.


  8. it looks very relaxing, even if your description is not.


    • Early days there’s lots of fussing while you see what works and what doesn’t, and get the chemistry settled.
      After that, watching it is fun.
      The fish have different habits, and relate to each other.
      So pretty much you can disappear into it easily.


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