Useless cats

That’s pretty much what we have at this point.

Nikki is locked in now, because we kept getting calls from people worried about him wandering around out in a busy street. That and two unexplained major injuries that I sincerely hope were accidents. So he’s in, but sulking. And — cats have their own rules on these things — he appears to think he’s not allowed to sit with us, and instead beds down in the front hall where he can pounce on the other cats at 2am.

Sextus is also locked in, but he keeps escaping. When he’s outside he reverts to feral and won’t let anyone come near, and it takes days and days to get him back in. Then he sleeps on my face for two days straight, because indoors he is my cat. I think maybe something is off in his brain.

Sisko and Doc have their own code for asking to go in and out, and seem to be reasonable enough in their comings and goings to be okay. Sisko just wants to sit on the front porch and watch people go by.

Wolfie watches for the door when Doc or Sisko are coming and going, and comes in to nap and visit. He’s a very satisfactory little kitty.

Habibi is a drama queen and attacks the door viciously to indicate her desires. She used to sit on my lap in my chair, but seems to have forgotten how.

And the visiting feral, Loper, sits in his cat bed by the front door, getting patted around 1am. I also feed him, but about half the time he ignores it, and it ends up going to the possum I refuse to consider a pet. (Possum is willing.)

But I shouldn’t call them useless, because someone gifted me with a rat yesterday. Probably Sextus and Doc working together.


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  1. That’s a whole lot of cats to keep track of! Each of mine comes to sit on me in the evening to get their 10 to 15 minutes of pettings. One leaves and the next one pops up. Often Stringbean gets his pettings at the computer. He thinks it’s pettings, but it’s actually me gently pushing him from one side to the other so I can see the computer screen. He seems to enjoy it, anyway.


  2. Useless? I hope they can’t read! lol


    • I insult them regularly to their faces.
      If they don’t like it, they can start paying rent.
      Or cleaning up around here, the useless furry layabouts!


  3. Four cats is the last sane number, and for a long time we always had four.
    Then Habibi appeared in the hedge, and Nikki came back after three years on the road, and here we are.
    Loper, the porch feral does not appear in the official census.
    He would only be a .5 FTE cat at most since we know one of his other patrons, and he does a good job of patrolling her porch days – we get the late night shift, with Sisko and him out there watching the block.
    I suspect Loper has other supporters as well, since I know his turf goes a couple of blocks south.

    I’m cracking up at Stringbean and the computer – very inventive of you both!

    Wolfie is still working out how to be a scarfcat when I’m at the computer.
    It makes him very happy when it works, but he KNOWS I’m in behind my face, and he just can’t resist making love to my nose, so it’s hard to get him settled.
    Doc is pretty good as a lap-table for the computer, except that he is a bit of fail about laps in general.
    Once he is almost settled in he inevitably tries to stretch his legs against my stomach and pushes himself off.
    Sometimes I catch him, but then I’m holding the outer edge of a very big cat – pretty certain there is a lot of Maine Coon in this boy – and I can’t hold him and use the computer.
    We’re still working on it.
    Who knew that lap-sitting was a skill?


  4. They have you very well trained, don’t they!!! LOL! Although we submit willingly because who knows what awful revenge might be exacted if we fail… You make me think of Laurie, her own kitties, and then taking in some of the strays, moving one cat to one room or another and leaving a door ajar or not and who gets fed where! Doc sounds like a lovebug. I’ve had to let so many important *ahem* things go because a big kitty is stretching out on my lap.

    Ewww. A rat?? I hope it was dead.


  5. Can you adopt me?! 😀 (absolute cat lover who just can’t have any at this point of her life)


  6. Ohhh kittehs…so quirky, but so loveable


  7. I will have to try to get by soon to help survey the situation. Or throw everyone off their pattern. Either is good.


    • Yes, we’d love to see you.
      We have to prep for yet another Zoning meeting next Thursday (23rd?), but after that life should have more space, and any time would be good.
      We could do with consulting on Sextus, who wants to revert to his feral upbringing.
      Or Habibi, who is seriously into the Goth teen thing.


      • IIRC Sextus has always thought I needed to be Glared At from a safe distance. And I should NOT know his name.

        Pencil us in for the late afternoon/evening of the 3rd.


  8. No one should know his name, except maybe Doc, and he’s not talking.
    Consider yourselves penciled.


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