It suddenly turned back into winter

It even rained today (YAY), and will rain again in a couple of days, they tell us.

The house is cold.

The couch is filled with cats. They aren’t really buddies, so they are equally spaced, all curled up with the comfy blanket in individual nests.

Guess who can’t find a spot to sit now?


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  1. I couldn’t believe it: I went out for Easter brunch with some friends and the sky opened up. I brought a raincoat, fortunately, but my brand-new dress shoes were not up to the puddles that formed very quickly in the street.

    It was a good day to cuddle up with a cat, though mine doesn’t like sitting in laps. She mostly likes dozing next to the electric radiator.


    • Is that your same visiting kitty?
      Is she official now?


      • ‘Tis. I’ve been debating about getting her microchipped and licensed, so I guess it is nearly official.

        The other day she disappeared after getting in a fight with one of the neighbors’ cats, probably one of her former rivals in the house. I was very worried about her, and very vexed and happy when she returned late that night. She demanded her salmon pate and got it, on a little Japanese sushi dish. (Yes, I spoil her shamelessly.)


        • I’m so glad.
          She picked you out a while ago, but you were being resistant.
          Never pays to resist a determined cat.
          Of course you spoil her, that’s your job!


  2. Lol. That is my house every day. The couch and loveseat filled to the brim with dogs and cats. I always have to squeeze in between some of them.


  3. That’s often the position I find myself in, not because it take so much space to maintain proper borders between hostile parties, but because boxers do love to stretch out.


  4. Here it’s:

    9 possible places to sit
    4 cats – two of whom HATE each other
    ALWAYS a damned cat in MY chair!


  5. I had to DRIVE yesterday. On the freeway. People were very confused about the water falling from the sky. I thought about swinging past your house, but I just wanted to get home.

    I offered Miss Tortie a chance to stay with me last night (warm blankie and all) and she refused. Probably wanted the opposite end of the couch from TK. Since we only have the 2 cats, one person could sit on the couch. In the uncomfortable middle.


  6. I understand the desire to return home when unaccustomed fluids begin dropping from the sky. Anything could happen.
    The couch had very long cats stretched out enjoying their longness while ignoring each other, but then a very brave and probably cold Wolfie cat had snuck up and curled into a nest of blanket in the middle.
    Any attempt by me to join in would have forced cats to notice cats.


  7. It’s amazing how much space a 9 pound creature that’s mostly fluff can take up.


  8. There’s also something odd that happens when they sit on a blanket.
    It can be a HUGE blanket.
    Put a cat into the middle of it, though, and there is not enough left on any side to cover a person.
    Mathematically this is not possible, but nevertheless the cat always ends up with the entire blanket.


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