I’m going to try to be here more often

It’s just, mostly, life, with a side of laziness, of course.

But I am going to make an effort to pick up all the dropped stitches and carry on. A lot of distractions have lessened, so it’s time to get organized, decide the things that matter to me, and get at them again.

I have a fair amount of updating to do. Sair and her girlfriend Alex got married here, in August. I’ll do a separate post for that later, but for now I’ll just say it was a lot of work, and wonderful fun, and they were beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, and I am utterly impressed with Sair’s new family. I just wish they weren’t on the opposite side of the world.

I did scads and scads of cleaning and fussing with the house for that – we put up a good half-dozen out-of-town twenty-somethings on couches and floors. Again, great fun, and I’d be happy for them all to come back again sometime. Except maybe I’d want to add another bathroom first. I did a lot of work making the backyard a more welcoming space, but with the drought I can’t really landscape it much. Maybe there will be rain next winter. Maybe.

Nikki the Adventure Cat made a miraculous return from his Odysseus-like travels. It’s a bit difficult fitting him into the current cat family, but slow improvements are coming.

I’ll get into more detailed posts anon, this is just sticking my toe in to test the waters.


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  1. What happy news, Lauo, about Sair and about seeing more of you here!


    • Hey Lauri!
      A sign of life!
      How have things been?
      A question – your link goes to gravatar?
      Does that tie multiple platforms together, and if so, how do you like it?
      I’ve got connections with people who are only on G+, or here, for Facebook, or even Twitter.
      There’s got to be a better way to arrange things – would you say Gravatar is it?


  2. Welcome back! And good to hear the news of Sair’s wedding. I think all wedding ceremonies tend to be laborious for the parents, but the big day is usually the payoff, glorious and joyful. I do wish for your sake the new couple lived closer to CA. My married child lives in New York, and that is too far for me, such as it is.

    Hope you are well, and Mr. Lauowolf is well. Stick around a bit! We’ve missed you.


  3. Hey!
    Basically once the day came it was all fun, but there was a fair amount to do before that.
    And, yes, New York was far enough, and Australia is just too damn far.
    How’s things with you these days?


    • Things are better! You inspired me to update my blog, so new post there (finally). My only complaint is that I’m tired. We’re on spring break now, so I can actually sleep in and do fun stuff—see friends, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, read a whole book in a sitting or two. Then it’s back to the grind next week. Hope you have a chance to rest as well.


      • Yay for spring break!
        Though my experience was always that by the time I’d caught up on sleep and cleaning, dang, back to the coal mines.
        I typed cola mines first, which sound more interesting.
        UC spring break was last week.
        Mostly Tom graded papers (growling softly at them), and I gardened a bit.
        More fun than it sounds.
        So, what are you reading?


        • The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Cafe, which is the latest volume to The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. I wanted a comforting, comfortable book, and this series generally delivers. Recently I’ve noticed that mysteries have become much more violent—sexual violence in particular—and graphic. I don’t know whether to blame the Scandinavian whodunnits, which seem to revel in sex and gore, or the book publishers as a whole for delivering stomach-turning murders.

          I also got from the library Sylvia Townsend Warner’s biography of T.H. White, in preparation for reading H is for Hawk, which is a little about White and mostly about recovering from grief through hawking. I’ve been flipping through it and am thinking I won’t be able to finish it by the end of break, however. I might have to skip through the very dense quotes—why do biographers have to quote from every letter and note left by their subject? Maybe I’ve gotten too impatient, but too often the quotes distract from an otherwise interesting life.

          I am glad I don’t have to spend my break reading papers. One acquaintance who teaches freshman comp at a community college has been groaning and tearing at her hair as she corrects 55 essays. She says even if the students can write (most cannot), they don’t know how to support an argument. I think she’s going to quit at the end of this year. She is a poet and has no tolerance for student scribbling.


  4. Hi, Lauo! I need to post more often, too! As I said to HG, a whole bunch of strangers suddenly started “following” my blog….and it turned me right off from posting. I will try to mess with the settings, but….that sounds like work. I am SO lazy.
    But, I’ll be posting one of these days!


    • I think what I set up is that comments are moderated for anyone I’m not following?
      I haven’t wanted to go full-tilt private, because it seems complicated.
      But that works for some people.
      Maybe I should go tinker in the bowels of WP and see what is actually going on.


  5. Hello stranger.

    I think I can answer the question you had in response to the first post above. If it’s a private page and you haven’t entered the password for it in a while (if at all) it won’t go to her page.

    I think.


    • Lauo, I sent you a new invite to be able to view my blog again, in case you were somehow locked out.


      • If it’s the same password, I still know it.
        I’ll check out the invite and make sure everything is still working.
        (Turn signal, windshield wipers, lights…)


    • What I really want is some uber system that updates me on FB, G+, WP, and Twitter, all at the same time.
      But, it occurs to me, since I don’t like the notions of linking accounts, I may have encountered a logical flaw in the notion.



      • *pat pat* I can say right now that I will be of no help getting that figured out, especially since I don’t remember hearing of something that streamlines all the updates. Seems like there should be something…
        Anyway, glad to see you posting again! How exciting that your daughter got married! Congrats! And kitteh stories are always interesting 🙂


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