Well, that’s not okay

The good news is that the dishwasher I wanted was in stock and is here.

The bad news is that I can’t use it yet.
As the installation guy finished up and was leaving he told me that the cap on the t-pipe at the sink drain was cracked and had been leaking, but he didn’t have one with him so he wouldn’t fix it.
When I’d cleaned out under the sink so he could work, there had, indeed, been signs of a slow drip.
I’d had to throw out one box of wax paper that was a little damp.
So I figured, slow leak, I’ll get the plumber by to fix it.
Now that I think of it, though, he did say that since he’d handled it, it might get worse.

But, slow leak, I decided to go ahead and run the dishwasher, because I had a sink full of dishes.
When I emptied out the cups and things that had been soaking, suddenly I am standing in water because the leak is no longer anything like slow.
So far as I can tell, everything is coming straight out onto the floor.
So my guess is that the “might get worse” means that when he tested the dishwasher it leaked floods and he knew it, but didn’t feel like putting any more time into the job.
So I called, and my plumber is coming by at 8am.
He was – reasonably enough – a little puzzled at why a guy installing dishwashers didn’t have the relevant part and was willing to leave things broken.
The reason I have a t-joint under there is that the previous dishwasher installation guy put it in.
You know, in order to install the thing.
Or, even if he didn’t have one, why he didn’t just get on at the major plumbing supply store literally around the corner from my house.

At that point, considering the $$$$ all this had cost, only to leave me not only with no dishwasher, but also now with no sink, I got crabby enough to call the store and complain.
It’s a local place that I’ve gotten appliances from for years and years – three apartments worth of fridges, and washers, and dryers! – and I’ve never had any kind of problem with them before this.
Their installations, though, are handled by an outside guy, and this is a new and different contractor, who has only been with them for a year -I know this because I made small talk at him, briefly, before I got out of his way.
Anyway, the store guy didn’t seem to think it sounded okay either, and he called the guy to come back by and fix it.
Sounds good.
But when the installation guy called, first he gave me a lot of attitude – “You said you had a plumber, and that’s the sink pipe and not the installation.”
Of course, before he touched my sink pipe I didn’t have any real problem there, and he didn’t tell me I had major flooding when he left.
As I pointed out.
And then, second, when he told me he could be there in half an hour (having mysteriously acquired the part), he also told me he would charge another $50 dollars for the work – on top of the $185 he’d already gotten.

Sooooo, nope.
I told him no thanks, and that I was done dealing with him.
Even though my plumber will probably cost more, just no.

I called the store back to tell them I was unwilling to pay the guy to come back to finish his job, and expressed a lot of unhappiness about the whole thing.
The guy that says for my plumber to call them when he comes by in the morning, and that they will work something out with their installation guy.
So, I don’t know what the upshot of it all will be, but I don’t have a sink or a dishwasher until stupid o’clock in the morning, since that’s when my plumber (who is a hero) is squeezing me in.
(He says, “Oh that, that will take no time.”)
So maybe they will pay for some of my plumber’s cost.

Actually I had planned to ask the guy about installing a vent for my stove as long as he was here.
Just he seemed a bit grumpy, and that before all the drama.
It’s just that when I was at the store, I was talking to their salesperson about it (after paying for the dishwasher), and picking up the price lists and all.
I really want to finish painting the kitchen, but I gave up partway when I realized that even as I was working on the ceiling it was getting cooking dirt on the new paint.
Apparently, though, now the things can be routed down and out through the basement rather than up through a bedroom, and that means I can get one.
Except that it is the same installation company, and I frankly don’t want him in the house again.
I wonder whether my regular contractor guy knows how to install those things.


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  1. Oh that is so frustrating. It will probably come out alright in the end, but the fury of dealing with idiots has no price tag.
    Something similar happened when we had a bathroom renovated. Sales guy says price will be this, and they never, ever raise their price. Installers come in, say “We can’t do this the way sales guy said without raising price.” Eyebrows raised I called company and explained. They said they had to charge an extra $85. Out of a nearly $5000 job. I said just do it then we are done.
    Owner showed up next day and said “We aren’t going to charge you for the extra.”
    I said “Ok.”….but it was too late. The whole thing sucked.
    I like my bathroom, though. So, best of luck!


    • Yes, the whole thing just bothers the hell out of me.
      Arguing with him on the phone STILL has me talking to myself.
      Because – other than that he shouldn’t have even contemplated going off and leaving me with a set-up that wasn’t functional – he does have (part of) a point.
      The thing is, as he pointed out about three times: when he told me he couldn’t fix it since he didn’t have the part, I did say okay, I’d get my plumber.
      Which was repeated like five minutes on the phone, until I just said forget it.
      (Which, back when he was his on his own would have meant he was done with it all and screw me.)
      But the problem is that from my point of view, which he didn’t seem to care about, what he left me with wasn’t what he had described to me.
      The pipe had a slow leak that dampened one thing out of all the chaos under the sink, and I could have lived with that until my plumber had actually the time for me, and I had a small list of the things that need fiddling with.
      (Which, when he is coming in at 7:55, before his first job, I’m not going to fuss him with doing, so they just stay on the list a while longer…)
      It wasn’t till he was going out the door that he dropped the line about “it might have gotten worse because I touched it.”
      And he’d tested the dishwasher, and had his head under there, so I think he damn well knew it was already worse.
      Besides, frankly, his job isn’t to leave me with a problem, even if I say it is okay.
      It isn’t like the sewer line was clogged up and I’m blaming him – this is a part that the first installer put in, something that ought to be in his truck because sometimes people add dishwashers where there wasn’t one before.
      It’s something that became totally dysfunctional because he jiggled it when he attached the new hose to it.
      I’m still arguing with him in my head, because I did say okay, but that doesn’t make it right!
      Damn it.


      • ARGH! I know exactly what you mean. But you came out on the good side. Your plumber is awesome to call the company! And installation guy will be gone for good.
        The ass KNEW what was going to happen when he left. You can’t just leave someone’s kitchen to flood. No matter what you said.


  2. Are you kidding? That is not the way it should be. I hope all is fixed and works to your satisfaction–and wallet–by tomorrow.
    It is this all-to-common customer service (or lack of) that makes me hesitate to get anything new anymore.


  3. that sucks! I hope it works out ok in the end!


  4. Uuuuuuugh! I don’t know why people have to be asses like that. As you say, surely he knew something was up when he left. This is why I’m the plumber in my family, so we don’t have to put up with this. Glad your plumber is coming this morning to sort things out.


    • I have a sink again, and a new dishwasher.
      My plumber came by at 8am, squeezing me in before his first job.
      He took one look at the situation and was totally incensed.
      The store had asked him to call, and he did, and basically laid into the installer’s work.
      (“Took me five minutes and a ten dollar part, which he should have had in his truck if he is doing installations full-time.”)
      It’s possible that the store might reimburse me for his bill, which would be welcome.
      And if they do, I will totally get that stove vent, though if this is still there installation company I will have someone else install it.
      Since this guy was creepy and now hates me.
      But even if they don’t refund the plumber, I wanted to give them a heads up that this guy is crappy.
      They are a local place, and my experience with them has always been really good.
      My guess, this guy was a crappy independent workman to begin with, and hasn’t adjusted to working with this store.
      He’d got the machine in place, and time is money, and he wanted to take off.
      When you are an itinerant plumber you can get by with crappy work, cos who’re they going to complain to/plenty more fish in the sea, etc.
      But now when he screws up an installation, it hurts the store, because they exist in the era of Home Despot by offering good enough service that they can count on repeat business.
      So my assumption is that they are wooping him upside the head even as I type.
      So this was pretty annoying.


      • But good that you are getting some justice out of it. As you say, in this age, if you’re a small business, you cannot afford to piss customers off with lousy work, because Home Despot is handy and cheap.


      • Glad you got it all worked out. All my appliances come from a locally owned store that has their own installation and service people – actual employees of that store.

        “You can get it at Lowe’s or Home Depot cheaper!” I am told by other folks.

        Not true – I do my research, damn it. And Lowe’s & HD contract out all their work and I’ve known several people to have situations similar to yours.

        Besides, when we replaced our kitchen stove and the guy’s from the appliance store had to basically dismantle the 40-year-old behemoth and cart it out to their truck in pieces … all for no extra charge … they got my business for life.

        Our dishwasher works fine, btw … her name is Suzy …


        • Their old installation guy was great.
          I’m hoping this lot get replaced….
          Dishwasher cut out a lot of annoyance.
          Tom wants to do his share of stuff, but cannot get stuff actually clean to save his life.
          – I think it’s the lousy vision, basically – he doesn’t expect to see things so he doesn’t really look.
          But grease on “clean” dishes weirds me out.
          The dishwasher washes things clean, and anyone can put things in it and poke a button.


  5. Well, the store called me back about it.
    Apparently his story is that he told me all about everything while he was still working on it, and that he offered to go get the part and fix it right then, but I said no.
    Because I’m one of those crazy people, you know.

    No, he told me about the crack in the pipe after he had cleaned away all his tools and finished up.
    I can remember this, because I asked about whether I had to run it through once empty before using it, and he said he’d already done it.
    That was pretty much our only conversation, because when he was getting to work he was giving a strong don’t-bug-me-lady vibe.
    That’s why I hadn’t asked him about how he’d do the vent for the stove, although the store guy had said I should check with him.
    He only mentioned that it might leak more, now that he’d touched it, on his way out the door, check in hand.
    And yes, he offered to get the part and fix it, but only on the phone, when the store had made him call me back.

    So I gave them my version of events again.
    It’s that’s pretty much all I can do at this point.
    I didn’t get the feeling that the guy was listening much.
    And he is a guy they see everyday, for what that is worth.
    It would have been nice to get some of my money back on this, but I’m not feeling optimistic.
    I do have the dishwasher installed, though, and my plumber fixed the sink, so things could be worse.
    It just ended up costing more than it should have.

    And I did mostly call them so that the next time he messes up, it won’t be the first complaint they get.
    And I have a feeling there will be a next time, especially if they do just let it drop.
    It doesn’t leave me feeling particularly good about it the whole thing, gotta say.
    This is the guy they hired, and that doesn’t speak well of their judgement these days.
    So I’m thinking maybe I should just get the vent somewhere else, probably cheaper, since I can’t trust their service anymore.
    And I can’t see having to pay twice to get things done right.
    Dang it, though, they used to be good.


    • Yes, you should get the vent somewhere else. And yes, dammit, I hate when good things aren’t so good anymore.

      Here’s a pisser. We had a hay shed built on our property. I went out and told the guy where we wanted it to be placed. As he was building it I got the impression it wasn’t in the right place, so I went out AGAIN and told him we wanted it to start “here” and end “here”. He gave me a “yeah yeah” and kept building. I stopped watching. Ken came home for lunch and said “It’s in the wrong place.” He went out to tell the guy, who didn’t want to move it. It took Ken calling the owner, who talked to the guy to get him to haul it several feet backwards to the correct spot.
      And you know why he didn’t pay any attention to ME whilst I twice told him where it was supposed to go? Because I am a female. Simple as that. Pisses me off to this day.


      • Silly female, trying to tell a MAN what to do.
        Sigh, it gets old.

        For me, it’s difficult getting to the point where I just get mad.
        As it, what about a week now? and I’m just pulling it together to realize that the store is responsible for this guy.
        So if it is a screw-up, it is their screw-up.
        So continuing to deal with them would be not a smart idea.


  6. Posted by aubrey on April 23, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Frustration, disappointment, anger – can it get much worse? Sorry to hear about these tribulations.

    I’m trying to get a new floor installed in my kitchen – tried HDepot, and things seemed to be going swimmingly, until they told me that they won’t strip the old floor. That’s up to me. Is this regular policy? So, so aggravating with an apparently straight-forward job goes all wrong and crooked.


    • Home Depot subcontracts ALL of their work and I swear they’re just pulling the day laborers from the parking lot. I HIGHLY recommend NOT using them!! When my roof repairs were done (a relatively simple job of replacing tiles), I was lucky that I knew the foreman… I crew would proclaim completion but I’d have my friend come and check the work. He made the crew come back 3 more times before finally approving the job – and even now I wonder if he just got sick of it as there are some spots which, from the ground, look sketchy.


  7. Every time I find a guy who’s qualified & competent & NICE, I bemoan the fact that they aren’t a general handyman who’s willing to tackle the myriad issues with my home!

    Hope you have a working dishwasher, not a house-flooding device, by now!!


    • Dishwasher is fine, and my plumber got the problems with the pipe fixed.
      I never heard back from the store.
      There are two of them locally.
      The other place charged $50 more for the same machine, but then I ended up paying an extra $100 to clean up after these guy’s installer.
      So next time, the other store.


      • gah… i resent bad customer service because i’m old enough to remember when the customer was worth treating well.


        • Well, it’s my word against his on how things went.
          And they work with him.
          I didn’t call, initially, thinking that they’d do anything anyway- that’s only something that Tom and my plumber thought they should do.
          My thinking was more that the guy was really not okay, and this way the next time he pulls something like this someone, might remember my complaint.
          Eventually, maybe either he’ll clean up his act or they’ll replace him.
          But, having thought it over, I don’t see why I should bother with them again.
          I don’t have to drive all the way to Albany to get this sort of treatment – next time I’ll find out whether the guys down the block are as bad!


  8. Yelp. Both the website and the noise.


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