Oh, that’s better

Habibi kitty had decided she could pee on the floor in the corner of the bathroom.
Ah ha, sez I, and I put a box there.
So one guess who won’t use that box.


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  1. Could it be that she thinks she ought to use the bathroom, just as her humans do? Only, she doesn’t have the convenient porcelain throne, so the floor must do?

    I’ll be curious to know if she decides to use the box. Or not. If she doesn’t, then perhaps she’s feeling ignored or put out by the weather. If only cats could talk.


    • Oh, she uses boxes all the time.
      She’ll run in from outside to pee in the box.
      She just won’t use this one, apparently because it is blocking the bit of the floor she liked so much.


  2. Oh cats. What are we going to do with you?


  3. AdamCat’s newest spot is on the bathroom cabinets, right where I stand. So, there’s either a puddle there or, if I’m using the mirror, he just pees right on me. Damn cats!


    • I had a dearly beloved tom cat who sprayed my leg: MINE!
      He had a girlfriend cat who lived upstairs, and used to come visit.
      He sprayed her too.
      So much more efficient than covering the neighborhood.


      • good to know that it’s not just me. i’m still thanking the powers that be for causing me to buttlagg on building a cat run… otherwise I’d be cleaning spray off the ceiling!


        • There’s something about a cat’s reach exceeding it’s grasp that goes here….
          I think it is that if a cat thought about it enough, and really wanted it enough, they could get the ceiling.
          …The same cat that peed on me, and on his girl friend also tidily filled a small paperclip container on a desk with pee.
          We never figured that one out, but probably just to prove he could.


          • lol at the paperclip container!!
            Adam has now managed to aim as high as 3′ – and he sprays about a gallon at a time. I first observed his new aiming talent when I was on the sofa. He backed up like he was going to spray the lower front, as he’d done many times. Instead, he aimed it so it gracefully arched into the air and onto the top of the sofa… and me again.


  4. ACK!!! When my older brother and I were about 9 and 7, we had a kitty who taught us to never empty our snacks in the bottom of a cardboard box. Lesson learned the hard way! Lauo, try putting plastic over the place she goes. One of my cats was terrible about going behind our sofa, so I took a long strip of plastic and covered the area. They don’t like the feel of plastic under the paws pads. You can also use sticky strips which they don’t like- you can get them from pet store if you’re worried about the safety.


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  6. Posted by SingingTuna on February 18, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Oh, wow. Habibi kitty must want you to read her mind as it exists in the future, not as it exists currently. Or something.
    ((pee patrol hugs))
    I’m going to leave this post fast so that Pickles and Mila don’t get any ideas…
    ::runs like the wind::


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