It’s so cold here,

So very cold,
That I have locked all the cats in the house, and sealed the cat door so as to keep some of the so-called heat in.
And it finally is heating up, slightly, and the cats are all settling in somewhat.
So here I sit being slightly warm, with scattered kitties adapting to all being inside – eek – all at the same time – eek, eek.
And out of the corner of my eye,


There goes the possum,
Getting all cozy in the warm.
You never really know who all are your pets….
But I do draw the line at possums.
Sigh, took ten minutes, with a lot of maneuvering under the kitchen table involving a broom and moving things around to create a clear path.
But poor boy is out in the cold again.
(There is a perfectly good crawlspace available, he’s okay.)


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  1. Aaaagh, possum! They look like a sort of toothy giant rat, without the cute ears (yes they have them but they’re folded back and can barely be seen). I probably would have freaked at the sight of it. My grandmother, a superstitious Japanese peasant to her dying day, found a possum in her bathhouse. She was convinced it was an “o-bakeh,” a ghostly spirit. She refused to use the bathhouse until the priest came and exorcised it of the o-bakeh. I was a modern girl by then, but the sight of that possum sitting in my grandmother’s bathhouse disturbed my psyche. Since then, every time I see an opossum, I feel like I’m confronting a Spirit. Whether it’s good or bad, I cannot say. But it scares me.


  2. Idiot Wolfie cat lives outside by choice, so I end up feeding him on the back porch.
    Which means I end up feeding the possum, and the occasional raccoon as well.
    Poor possum would happily move inside, where it is warm, and soft.
    I think Wolfie assumes the critter is just another roommate.
    Ugly little cuss, but basically almost friendly.
    I lecture it on being a properly wild animal, and it messes its way through the leftover catfood and crawls back under the house next door.
    Years ago Felix, my Buddha cat, used to sit on the doormat in a meatload, side-by-side with this guy’s grandpa.
    He also used to play with the young possums.
    Sigh, he was a wonder.
    But it means the critter is part of the household in some complicated way: a step-possum? cousin possum from the other side of the family?


  3. I wouldn’t mind our possums hanging around if they wouldn’t eat our chickens in the night. I tried giving them extra food. They slept in a nice burrow under the hay shed. But even with the food, once in awhile a chicken would end up missing it’s head. For some strange reason they only ate the head. What about all the good guts???
    We live trap them and move them far far away.
    This spring I am getting chickens who will be locked up safely at night in the chicken house. This should stop this and then maybe possies could hang around.
    So funny that he was traipsing through your house! That would have cracked me right up!


  4. Posted by SingingTuna on December 10, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Yeeeow. Inside your house? That’s a step too far, for me. We once had one decide that the outside ledge (a wide stone one) under the kitchen window was her (his?) personal patio and she would watch us at night in the kitchen. Once the window was open and the possum peered in, hissing. They’re dandy hissers. Good that yours has a warm crawl space to go to.
    It’s that cold there? (((((((((((((((warmhugs))))))))))))))))
    “step-possum? cousin possum from the other side of the family?” Haa!


  5. I feel a leetle bit sorry for Step-Cousin Possum, but I’m also imagining the scene of all the cats trying to inhabit the same indoors, like feline Hatfields and McCoys.


  6. The cats have pretty much split into downstairs monchrome cats: Habibati and Sisko, the staircase cat: Nikki, and upstairs cats: Sextus and Wolfie.
    Only Doc operates on all levels.
    The situation on the staircase gets a bit fraught with drama, and I sometimes have to run escort missions for Wolfie and Doc.
    Sextus has just parked himself in the bedroom.
    Possum was just walking about, hoping to be taken for one of the family.


  7. Wait! You AND Leeeenda had indoor possum-cats??? I guess that’s the cost of a cat door. I totally approve of enforced warm kitty cuddling when it’s cold out, tho.


  8. Am glad we seem to have no possums here the past few years. And no cat door. And the triple pane windows. Furnace has still been running all day and night.

    Of course Doc is on all levels. Lives up to his name.

    Also, possums is evil-looking. O-bachan may have been right.


  9. Interesting post. I found the way you arranged your sentences so that it looked like a piece of random poetry, perhaps for theraputic purposes, particularly appealing.


  10. you should have sent it to Leenda’s opossum sanctuary. though, after the horrible death the last one met, maybe not.


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