um… maybe a little weird?

The neighbor down the street has lived in the same house since he grew up there in the 50s.
And he’s always had a dog, and his dog always wanders free all day.
Because that’s how he did things when he was a kid.

Now I have a feral guy,  Loper, who mostly comes to the front porch, since the back porch belongs totally to my guys.
And Nikki, who mostly comes and goes from the front for the same reasons.
So I often put Nikki’s breakfast out front, or Loper’s dinner, when he comes by.

So neighbor is asking that I not leave food out there, because it is making his dog fat.
For a while I compromised by putting the food up on the climbing structure, but for one thing, it started getting the carpeting on it dirt.
For another, his dog just jumped up on the chairs and climbed over.
And I sort of worried he fall and hurt himself, being a small and ugly dog of a sort that doesn’t look bounceable.

So now I’m back to leaving stuff on the porch at times.
Because, wtf?


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  1. Nice. Maybe he needs a reminder of the leash laws. Does he also expect his neighbors to pick up after his little dog after it goes poo on someone else’s lawn? The feral cat’s welfare is more important than his “right” to let his dog run loose.

    Anyway, this sounds just like our nightmare neighbors. They have a beagle that barks all day, all night. I was in my own back yard, on the cell phone with a colleague. The dog snarled and barked at me. The neighbor’s daughter said “can you please take your call inside? You’re upsetting my dog”.


  2. Augh. That is SO stupid it’s beyond belief. Are there leash laws?
    Sigh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have no neighbors?


  3. Posted by SingingTuna on November 12, 2013 at 10:45 am

    I “Liked” this not bec I like what happened but bec I’m glad you posted it.
    MAN. Unfathomable, how people are. WTF, indeed.
    It’s not just weird, it’s crummy. Some nerve!!!!


  4. This sounds like those people who tried to sue fast food places for making them fat rather than taking on the responsibility of eating sensibly. The dog only eats on your porch because his irresponsible owners “allow” him to….


  5. I once asked a neighbor to stop putting food on her porch for my indoor-outdoor cat at the time, but that was because she was only putting it out for him (no cat of her own), and I needed him to be hungry enough to come in at raccoon-roaming time (dusk). Your neighbor’s got some nerve.


  6. I suggest a compromise: you will stop leaving kibble out between specific hours and he will only let his dog out unsupervised during those hours. If he chooses to let the dog out between the hours during which you offer kibble to the kitties, that’s his problem.


    • I don’t ever leave kibble out, since I don’t feed them kibble.
      But I put out a plate with canned food in the morning when Nikki comes for it.
      I can’t wait for him to finish, because Nikki takes FOREVER to eat.
      Seriously, the slowest-eating cat I have ever known.
      He takes a bit, and then contemplates the food for a while, and then takes another, maybe from another side of the plate.
      And he eats for a while, and takes a break, and comes back for more.
      He does manage to put himself around a lot of food, but it takes a while.
      And Loper mostly just turns up at like 8 at night, sticks his nose in the cat door, and waits for me to notice him.
      If I try to feed him inside, he’ll eat a little, but usually ends of fleeing before he’s gotten a square meal in him.
      I put his food outside, and then go back in, because he really is rather feral, and won’t chow down till I give him some space.
      So for both of them, I do have to just come back at some later time to clear away any leftovers.
      And I do mostly get around to it, eventually, but it really isn’t a priority right now.
      Tom can’t lift anything at all, doctor’s orders.
      He is dealing with intermittent nausea, and can’t really cope with keeping all the medications/instructions/appointments straight, so that’s in my head too.
      Which basically means I am madly care-taking and doing all housekeeping, all the time.
      We have clean clothes, the beds get made, there are clean towels, and I manage two meals a day, and snacks, all healthy.
      The animals all get fed at least twice a day.
      But, ya know,at this point I’m not likely to start keeping track of exactly when or even whether I picked up the old food dishes from the front porch, unless I walk by them for some reason.

      And, yes, Berkeley has leash laws.
      His dog is the ONLY loose dog in the neighborhood.
      It is loose all the time.
      He is never out there with it, it just wanders around on its own.
      Luckily it is small.


      • I didn’t really mean it to be a compromise on your part. I meant it to be a compromise on his part. “Here are the hours your dog should not be outside unleashed, because those are the times I feed the cats.” If that’s most of the day, um, as you say, Berkeley has leash laws. (And frankly it has one more “e” than I think is really necessary.)


        • C’mon
          They left ONE out, it isn’t BerEkeley, after all.
          As for the dog, I will continue to make soothing noises and smile and do as I please.
          Maybe, not so much smile, as flash teeth.


        • All my life I thought Petoskey, Michigan was Petosky. Imagine my embarrassment. I thought it was more concise my way.


  7. Brilliant Reds!
    Or ask the guy to build you a dog-proof feeding station that looks nice on/matches your porch.


  8. I don’t suppose the neighbor is an old hippie? When I was attending classes in Berkeley, we had a problem with all these dogs running loose on campus. They weren’t strays, either. People would bring their dogs with them to school, but they weren’t allowed to take them into the lecture halls, so they’d leave them outdoors where they would pester people, crap on the lawn, and occasionally get into fights with other dogs. I think the campus finally banned all unleashed dogs when one tried to mount a seeing-eye dog, and her owner couldn’t get the stray to go away. (The seeing-eye dog was spayed, by the way, but the mounting dog wasn’t neutered.)

    After the ban, some students complained about their rights being taken away by The Man. I was a Marxist at the time, but they got no sympathy from me.


      WHY CAN’T WE
      I remember that stuff.
      But, nah, he’s just a fairly well-off straight guy.
      Mostly harmless, except for a tendency to fleece international students.
      (Charging them the year’s rent in advance, keeping deposits, and the like.)
      Always sorta smarmy nice to us, in a disturbing way.


  9. Holy crap. You have enough to deal with. Worrying about an irresponsible neighbor’s dog getting overweight is not on your agenda. Let the cats eat, you attend to what you have to do and if Mr. Smarmy complains again just nicely point out the leash laws and that his is the only dog running loose.


  10. Heck, just call animal control and have them pick the dog up.


    • Poor dawg already has to belong to a sorta-jerk.
      I’d hate to send him off to a cage, when it isn’t his fault.
      Now if Animal Control would only haul off the owner, I’d be on the phone right now….


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