Oh my, more and more and more

A great site for observing obsession at work:


Image Great FInd


2 responses to this post.

  1. I always believed my books reproduced at night. Every time I wake up, there seems to be more and more of them sitting around my room, lying on the bedside table, and stacking up along the walls. Donating the older ones to the local library has not helped: I actually found a number of them had jumped back into the trunk of my car and rode home with me. If the others are trying to creep back into the house, I don’t want to know….


  2. The trouble with donating them to the library book sale people is that then there you are at the library book sale.
    I mean, mostly it is still a net movement out of books.
    I hardly ever end up bringing back more than I took in.


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