And it is past time for this

Because we all try our best for the furry family members, but it is a jungle out there.


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  1. It really is. Have you read Your Cat by Dr. Hodgkins? Best cat nutrition book out there, explains why cat’s shouldn’t have dry food. We switched our chronically ill kitty to a semi-raw diet because of it and it saved his life.


  2. Posted by SingingTuna on October 26, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Jungle, indeed. Jungle of greed.
    It’s waaay past time for this. Glad to see it!
    Once again I’ve spent the past week wading through pages and pages of online carp, trying to figure out which cat foods do what in the best way, etc. So much conflicting and MISSING information!


    • Marion Nestle is a nutritionist who’s written on the pet food industry.
      She has a couple of books on the subject: Pet Food Politics, and The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine.
      I’ve only read the first one, but it was really helpful.


  3. When the thing with the Chinese fud came out all those years ago, I switched the kittehs to made in America people-standard grain-free crunchies (only overnight, so we can sleep), and made in America grain-free wet fuds 3x a day. Right now they’re eating a lot of Wellness brand.

    Other than tuxie’s chronic problem (which he seems to have been borned with), they’re both in good shape. Miss Tortie is 14 and still plays like a kitten, and they both have gorgeous fur.

    Cats aren’t supposed to have grain. Especially corn, which Tuxie is actually allergic to, and so many pet foods have.


  4. We’re on all wet grain-free food for the guys.
    They totally crave the crunchies though.
    I think they are like cookies.
    I’m hoping none of this lot get kidney disease.
    (We’ll see.)


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