And, finally, #6 Habibi

Going to extreme cuteness here.

habeeb awww

Habeeb just appeared one morning.

I was putting out breakfast for the backyard bunch, and (the late, lamented) Albert the Feral came around the corner of the house, and chirped over his shoulder. Habibi came trotting after him, out of his bachelor pad in our basement.
He’d found her in the night, and kept her safe in his safe place.
Because things like that just happen to her.

She came up to the porch, saw the kitchen door, realized that THAT was where we kept the inside, and walked in.
Later we found an empty cat carrier in our hedge, with the remains of a can of wet food.
(And other remains indicating that she had been terrified by the whole thing. I cleaned matching crap out of her fur.)

Habeeb is basically your perfect cat: sweet-tempered, playful, and gentle.
She’s basically an indoor cat, despite having a catflap. But she prefers the outside to using her cat box. Her only real issues are a tendency to nibble, and Sextus’ inexplicable TERROR of her. Does this cat look intimidating to you? I think maybe she tried to play with him.


I think maybe she tried to play with him.
She’s a little more perfect than we are, though, which is hard on her.
Here she is all “What is this FOOT doing in my photo-shoot?”
This kind of thing happens to her a lot.


So here is another photoshoot, minus foot.

habbeb in lace

She just poses like this all the time.

habeeb not falling off

And falls asleep anywhere, not matter how precarious, and never falls off.

habeeb still not falling

Though, once again, her perfection is marred by my carelessness, here in the placement of that box in her foreground.
So very thoughtless of me.
She’s very patient with us though.
Maybe if she gets our fingers good and properly groomed and chomped, we’ll get our acts together – after all, catupuncture totally works!


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  1. She’s a pretty girl.


  2. Frankly, I agree. She deserves the highest quality of photo shoot. Something suited to the cover of Vogue. I still cannot fathom how a person could abandon this kitty in such a cruel way. I don’t get people.


    • It was the end of term, and students can be a bad lot.
      My own belief is that someone was desperate.
      It may have been a group living thing, and the last person is trying to move, and everyone else has taken off without doing anything for the kitty.
      She was basically a summer kitten, adopted as a cute young thing in September.
      And we were totally targeted – she was left here because someone had seen our cats about in the yard.
      They knew we might take her in, so they left her and just hoped…
      The food in the box was so sad.
      I wish they’d just put her on the porch, rung the bell, and run away.
      Because she could have been hurt out wandering around out there – she is such an indoor kitty.
      We think, though, Albert found her almost immediately, and led her around to the back where she was safe.
      Because he was a sweetie.


  3. Habibi is the only one of your kittehs I have photographed and petted.
    And everyone can figure whose idea that was.
    And she only did a token nibble when my time was up.

    Such a pretty royal girl.


    • She used to be the only cat anyone ever got to see.
      She still is, inside, but Nikki is taking over the public greeting duties outside.
      He has totally vamped the girls next door (they were sad to learn he was a boy, and he had a home).
      And my tenant loves him.


  4. She’s so cute! I’m guessing all of us need to be taking relaxation tips from her so we can fall asleep anywhere too


    • Pretty much anywhere, but her preference is to be able to lean on my leg.
      Or be on top of my feet.
      Tom will do too, but he’s a bit more twitchy.
      Sair is the gold standard, but is, sadly, not easily available.


  5. I think Sextus is afraid of her clearly magical qualities. I think it’s nice you have a seriously girly-girl cat in the house. I have a tomboy-girl cat in Macaroon.


    • An admirer refers to her as our fairy cat.
      Works for me.
      Came out of the hedgerow, in May.
      Luckily she isn’t doing any of the fairytale stuff like melting away with the snow, or dissolving into a pile of hawthorn blossoms or the like.


  6. She is so beautiful and such a lucky girl to have ended up in your house!


  7. Holy cow is she cute – the perfect white! I didn’t realize you had such a great gaggle of cats! (Excuse me — clouder. As Sheldon Cooper would correct…..)


    • Our usual population leans more towards your basic black and white, tuxies and spotted cats, short-haired sleek little monsters.
      Suddenly we have all these large and excessively furry cats.
      We wonder about, picking up clumps of shed fur, and asking ourselves how this happened.


  8. Posted by aubrey on October 25, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    What pure elegance – are her eyes different colors? It seems to be so, at least in the first photo.

    You will have plenty of photo ops with her – she poses like a languid model.

    And of course, the floof is overpowering.


  9. Yes, she has mismatched eyes.
    Part of the fairycat thing.
    The floof is truly amazing.
    But emotionally she is a very grubby-goth girrl cat.
    Walks about with her feet grey, or cobwebs across her ears.
    Maybe we are still in the rebellious teen kitty years.


  10. Posted by SingingTuna on October 26, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Oh, magnificent!
    And sweet, too?


  11. What a great name for a cat. I have just started going to a dentist called Dr Habibie which makes me like her even more (for a dentist).


  12. She is simply gorgeous!


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