So #3 is Nikki of the Adventures

So far as I can tell, Nikki has been adopted or rescued no fewer than five times.
1) Our old tenant picked him up on the street when he was a kitten.
2)When she moved out she left him with us.
3) One night a student met him on the street and “rescued” him. He’d offed his collar, and she couldn’t feel his chip. After trying to re-home him, she put him out on the street near where she lived.
And we heard nothing for three years.
4) In September, we got a call from LONG BEACH that someone had him. Presumably someone took him off the street in Berkeley, and ended up leaving him in Long Beach.
5) The people who contacted us about him had rescued him from the street.

Well, he is pretty cute.

Nikki nose 10:18:13

Since he’s been home he’s lost four collars – it would be five, but we found one in the yard.
We’ve had three sets of people phone us:
some nice kids around the corner called because he turned up in their apartment – they’d had the door open and he’d just come in;
our friend about the corner called because he was following her home and she worried about him maybe getting lost;
some nice kids called us because it was 11 a night and he’d followed them for two blocks and they didn’t know what else to do.
Some nice people brought him home last night and rang the bell because they’d stopped to pat him and then he was following them off down the block.


it is possible that the boy is toooooo friendly.




8 responses to this post.

  1. *sigh* We had a tom cat much like Nikki. Loved everyone, made himself at home anywhere. At one point he disappeared for three months: when we finally found him, he smelled like wood smoke and was very fat. A woman from the house across the street indignantly approached me and demanded to know what I was doing with “her” cat. I had to show his adoption papers from the local Humane Society before she would back down.

    (Later, we would see her teenaged daughter being dragged out screaming by police, who apparently were called for an “intervention.” I said to my husband, “Look at that. She can’t take care of her own children, so why does she think she can steal our cat?”)

    One day he disappeared and we never saw him again. I hope he was adopted by a nice family. We lived near a busy street, which was often the cause of many an untimely cat death.


  2. The prodigal Nikki! What a story!


  3. He’s a wanderer! Such a crazy kitty story. He should be wearing a kitty cam at all times so we can see what he is up to!


  4. He’s all “You can chip me, but I belong to no man. Or woman.”


  5. Wait … someone picked him up in the SanFran area and dropped him off in the LA area? Or … maybe he wandered off from them. Surprised he didn’t find Leeeenda’s house in Long Beach …


    • The idiot girl who tried to rescue him basically kept him like a week at the end of the term, and them dumped him on the street because she was leaving town.
      There was a sighting, a guy who tried to catch him and ended up only with his collar, about three days later.
      And then nothing.
      My own theory is that someone found him and assumed, mostly correctly, that the poor boy was one of those dumped at the end of the year pets.
      And so tut-tutted, and gave him a home.
      Around the corner from the guy, there was a place where a woman had been feeding strays, and people directed me to her, but she had JUST MOVED.
      And no one I found where she had lived – all I had was her former feeding station.
      My current working theory is that she took a shine to the boy – people do – and carried him away with her instead of abandoning him.
      Either that, or picture him standing out on the highway with his little furry thumb out, heading south….


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