Time to Document the Felines Again: Number One, Senior Cat, Wolfgang

Wolfgang, oddly enough, is our most senior cat.

He is the sweetest cat imaginable, but he has phobias.
The tv terrifies him, and the radio isn’t much better – they are Unnatural.
It took him months to settle in when he first came home from the animal shelter.
I had to sit in the laundry room, talking to him and patting him, while he hid in the closet.

ImageHe’s still a little… odd.
Here his tail appears to mesmerize him:


(What is that thing doing there?)

The Wolf had a few happy years of living fairly bravely in the house, before the arrival of Sisko the Fearsome resulted in his utter refusal to live in the house.
Recently he has relented enough to begin eating in the kitchen, and occasionally walk through the house from the kitchen to the catflap in the dining room.
He’s even sat in my lap in the living room again, but not if the tv is on.


7 responses to this post.

  1. He’s very striking, though eccentric. πŸ™‚


  2. I like that armband tattoo he’s got! πŸ˜‰ He is a handsome kitty!


    • I noticed that too! What an unusual marking on a cat, almost like a sleeve tattoo.

      We had a cat that would attack the TV set, especially if there was a nature show on. There was something about the sight of other animals running, flying, whatever, that infuriated the old boy. When he became senile, they simply terrified him, and he’d pee in fear. It did cause me to reflect on what purpose a TV served in our house. Does it give us the illusion we’re actually doing something? Anyway, The Wolf is a handsome boy.


      • I once had a tom cat who fell in love with Elsie the Lioness
        There was a special about her.
        And he walked by and saw her on the screen
        He sat there crooning at her for the rest of the show.


    • I think of them as his little cadet stripes.
      Isn’t he a cutie?


  3. I like this post project of documenting the cats, because I lose track of which felines are still with you and their provenance. Wolfie is handsome, but seems ever quizzical in his photos. How old is he?


  4. Wolfie is about…. um…
    Not too sure, he’s starting to get up there.
    He has to be about eight or nine now.


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