Number Two: Sisko


(Looks harmless enough….)

Sisko came to us when his person, my friend Other Laura, died.
He was accompanied by MollyCat, but she decided to move across the street, only coming back occasionally to visit and eat.
Although Sisko and Molly had been friends when they both lived with OL, they just fussed at each other here
Finally, the nice man who had been feeding her came over and asked for her hand… paw, and we let her go away with him.

When Sisko arrived, the first thing he did was decide that poor Wolfie was somehow terrifying and must be defeated.
He would chase him unmercifully all the time – not playing, serious attacks.
Poor Wolf never did anything except flee, but that wasn’t enough.
Nothing settled it until Wolfie retreated permanently into the back yard.

Oddly, recently, after years, Sisko appears to have simply forgotten there was any issue.
Now they both hang out on the front porch, sitting on adjacent chairs to watch the street.
Wolfie comes in to eat, or hang out, and Sisko pays no attention.
Go figure.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Who can understand the feline thought process?


  2. I love Gray cats!


    • He’s really a lovely boy.
      You can’t tell it in this photo, but his eyes are green.
      And his fur is very plush, with a pearly sheen.
      He’s very long and leggy and athletic too.
      Quite a guy.


  3. That’s a nice story of eventual friendship.

    I wonder if Sisko was named after the Star Trek character.


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