So, Australian types, a question

I sent off a box of stuff to the kid, and she got a notice that it was at the post office.

She delayed a bit about picking it up, because of needing someone with an id for the address to come with her and all her id was still US.

So she got there, finally, with her roommate, BUT SOME OTHER S. WALSH HAD ALREADY PICKED IT UP? It hadn’t been addressed to S. It, and all the customs stuff, was clearly “Sarah”. But the counter person released it to someone who only went by S. And if SHE had to have id with her address, wouldn’t S. have had to as well? Though there are a bunch of ## at ## as part of the address. So it could be a neighbor saying that number was a mistake?

We don’t know much more yet, because she still has to contact police and all. So we’re just trying to figure it out.

So, anyway, how the hell did this happen? Is this a common thing with Australian mail? Can I not mail stuff to her safely?

(And it had favorite clothing, and books, and stuffs. Damn.)



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  1. Oh that sucks! I wonder if it was accidentally handed over by the PO person – otherwise how would the “fake” S. Walsh know there was a package there for them to go and get? She would’ve had one of those little cards they leave. That has never happened to me – not when I lived there and not with all the stuff I send to my family now. Though having written that I know that my son has been able to pick up things addressed to my daughter though he is clearly not a “miss girl’s name”. The PO check his licence to see that the addresses match though. I hope the fake is honest enough to take the package back.


  2. I’m wondering, since there are some number of houseXX/addressXX, if there is some other Walsh living there. So their id would say 13/41 instead of 11/41, but the last name right?? Cos I can’t imagine what the counter person was thinking otherwise.
    They are going to go around, all non-confrontationally, and ask whether anyone picked something up by mistake.
    (And also let people know it happened, cos if people were swiping mail on my street, I’d want to know.)
    The really annoying thing is that it was mostly just clothing she really likes.
    Not anything anyone else in the world wants.


  3. Posted by SingingTuna on October 9, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Oh, no! that’s so awful!!!
    I hope whoever ended up with it does the good thing and takes it back to the PO.


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