So maybe it’s time I just murder Tom?

The tenants emailed that they trapped a rat in the house, and help.

So I poked about online and found a green-focused, long-term and local pest service, and I asked the tenants to try to set up an inspection, and have the guy invoice us. They are responsible adults, and can be trusted to handle it.

And figuring that the tenants might want it done soon, this seemed okay. Because god knows when I’d get around to it anyway.

Because today I am trying to finish off our 2012 taxes so I can drop them off Tuesday in downtown SF, on my way back from picking up the car from where it broke down in Colma last week. (And I’ll probably end up doing this in the middle of rush hour, sigh. Unless I can figure out how to do it from Bart on the way over….)

I just did three loads of laundry, because Tom is soaking through sheets and pjs at a great rate so that I can only keep up with what he needs to have on hand if I do two loads a day. Oh, and I have three work shirts to iron tonight, after the third one comes out of the dryer.

I still have to get the garbage and recycling out of the house, and Tom can’t help because he can’t lift anything at all. Thank god for the guys in the back unit who have been hauling the bins out to the street for us lately!

Monday I have to go pry the next pain killer prescription out of Kaiser pharmacy, because they require a new paper script for refills of scheduled substances, and this seems to take the damn surgery department by surprise every time. (The doctor puts in for the refill, but the pharmacy doesn’t do it until they perform this intricate dance of the paperwork. Every time.) And I also have to call and schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner who doesn’t use the online system, so we have to reach her, then her assistant, by phone.

In addition, every MWF I drop Tom off on campus at 1:30, and pick him up when he calls me after office hours, any time between 4-6:30, because it depends on how many students turn up. And I have to be around in the morning beforehand to help him get ready because he can’t reach his feet yet, and needs a new bandage on the open wound in back before he goes in, so that it won’t soak through while he’s on campus.

And I’m also now researching YET ANOTHER weird complication uncovered last week at the doctor’s – hence the new appointment with the nurse – because Tom doesn’t look up any of this stuff, at all, ever. Because if he doesn’t have to find out about it, maybe it isn’t real? 

Sooooo Tom thinks I should call the two or three guys who’ve done work on the house for us, to see if they know of any pest control companies to recommend, and then I should get multiple bids for the rodent work.

So, do I get to  murder him? 



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  1. Hmmmm. Don’t undo all the good work you’ve done! tell him you got multiple bids and that this was the lowest. Little white lie….but I think it might help get through the situation. I’m with you…after spending most of this week trying to eradicate 2 jillions ticks from poor Teulu the wonder dog…I’d be super annoyed if my landlord had told me I had to wait to see which tick killer was the lowest priced. Good Luck and Hugs to you!


    • This is a really good idea. I’d be freaked if my landlord said I had to wait for multiple bids while I had vermin running around the house. Since he’s obviously operating on the “what I don’t know won’t hurt me” theory, just go along with that here.

      I doubt he has enough insurance to be worth murdering.


  2. Perhaps you can just give him to some passing gypsies?


  3. Posted by SingingTuna on October 6, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Hide the sharp objects.

    What a mess!!! These won’t help much, but short of offering to moiderize “someone” for you, they’re the best I can think of: ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))

    And that carp about the prescriptions is terrible. WTF. It SHOULDN’T be so complicated and aggravating to get what you need when you need it. I understand the “why” (worked for a major pharmaceutical co. for 24 years). But the reason behind it doesn’t justify the hurdles you have to leap every time. That’s an entirely different pile of nonsense.

    Pickles and Mila are sending you a soulful “Prrrrrrrp,” in commiseration.


    • I understand the pharmacy’s point.
      I just don’t get why the surgery department doesn’t just send the stupid script to begin with.
      It’s not as if they don’t prescribe the stuff all the time.
      Or deal with their own internal pharmacy all the time.


      • Posted by SingingTuna on October 7, 2013 at 3:43 am

        Absolutely! It’s like they suddenly realize they might actually have to deal with each other — every time! It could all be so simple. Instead it’s frustrating and causes everyone extra effort.



  4. Kitten Prrrrrrrrrrrps always cheer me up.


  5. Okay, I won’t murder him.
    I settled on just ignoring it.
    If I’m doing it, I’ll do it my way.
    He wants bids, he’s welcome to start calling….


    • Exactly. When Dad runs after me and tells me I need to do something for him, and he complicates it by adding three or four additional steps, I do an assessment. Is it really important that I have to do it now? And if it is, do I really need to do the extra steps? Normally, not. So I’ll do it, but my way, in my time. Or I just ignore him altogether.

      My argument is, if they can’t even get dressed by themselves or do their own laundry or fix their own meals, they can’t tell me to how to run the house. It’s harsh, but if you’re carrying the brunt of all the work, you’re in charge, not him.


  6. Oof. Just a touch of stress. Hang in there, it won’t last forever. That’s what I usually tell myself during times of “when it rains it pours.” If it goes on for a little longer, maybe the pharmacy can give you some scrips of your own. *shifty eyes*


  7. Phone calls and writing don’t require too much reaching, lifting or leaning. Right? Prioritize?! Personally, I like Laurie’s idea quite a bit.


    • Me too. (Laurie’s idea.)

      hang in there. also, why can’t they *fax* the damned script? That’s OK in my state for controlled substance scripts…


      • I have to pick the piece o’paper up at the doctor’s office and carry it to the pharmacy. So annoying. But then they are completely different companies in buildings a few miles apart.

        OTOH, I know it gets there when I do it myself; I wonder if you could do this so as to avoid the dire confusion engendered by the surgery/pharmacy interaction? So much for the fabled all-in-one convenience.

        (It’s not going to get better, BTW — they just laid off a bunch of their local IT people last week)

        (this comment is prolly not helping…)


  8. I’m late (did it end in moider?? Of anyone except mr. Rat, I mean…), but ((((hugs)))) for you!


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