And still no photos

Today was off to the doctor (again). The good news is no more wound packing!!!!! Now it is just a fold of gauze, no saline, until the last jellybean-sized bit heals. A full three months post-surgery at this point, and it’s probably still another month.

They are trying to figure whether there is to be a follow-up cycle or not. As long as there are still open wounds healing, the doctors have been postponing the next step. Maybe even canceling it. But now there is discussion of when/if to go ahead. Argh. I think we are both just exhausted with medical crap, but if they think it should happen….

And moving to the merely annoying; the Kaiser parking people closed my usual garage, labeling it “full.” Then, after I’d parked on the street five blocks away, it had gone from “full” and closed to open with “49 spaces.” Me, I think they just were having a party or something. And not just annoying, five blocks was challenging walk for Tom.

And yesterday was a write-off too. We had another big family funeral to attend, over in the city. Tom’s from a big Irish family, so there is a whole song and dance involved. This one was distinguished, though, by having our poor car die in traffic on the way out to the gravesite. The good part was being rescued by Tom’s cousin and her really rather okay daughter. They followed the tow-truck, swept us off to the reception, and the daughter then drove us back to Berkeley – through rush-hour traffic – for which I am totally grateful.

The car is now off having its timing belt replaced, and I get to ride over on Bart on Tuesday, my birthday, to fetch it home. The sad part is, I’m sort of looking forward to it. A whole afternoon completely free to wander about. Admittedly, to wander about in San Bruno, but at this point I’m not picky. It looks as if there is a big mall right at the Bart (Tanforan Shopping Center?). I’m thinking I will make a side trip and get lunch and poke around a bit before calling the mechanic to come pick me up to get the car. An adventure, of sorts.

So basically it’s just been pointlessly busy. Kitty photos eventually, though, I promise.



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  1. I know those feels. The cousin is payback for your good karma in rescuing us after our car accident. Also, I recall being unreasonably excited to borrow BFF’s car during that period and go all the way to the grocery store for the afternoon.


  2. Woweee, I’m sorry that you’ve gone through such a year and we had no idea about it….I admit, I’m almost 100% wrapped up in my own selfish self, so maybe I missed something along the way. Take Good Care and tell those Kaiser people to reserve you a spot that you Deserve!


  3. Sounds like you’re just treading water. But you’re a strong swimmer, lauo, that I know. I hope things move a little slower and easier for you soon!


  4. Treat yourself on your birthday, even if you do have to pick up the car.

    And if you ever get tired of what you’re doing now, you have a whole sparkling new career as an operating room nurse that you can pursue!


  5. Oh lord, don’t it just all come together? Well, thank goodness for the kind cousin, and an opportunity to be out and about wandering on your birthday. These things are important.


  6. Can you have Tom’s doctor fill out an application for a handicapped parking placard? I realize the HC parking spaces at Kaiser are almost always full, but it would make car travel a lot easier for the both of you. If Dad can qualify for handicapped parking—he walks okay, but diabetes is making him slow and clumsy—surely you or Tom can.

    San Bruno has some awesome shopping places, so heck yeah, go enjoy it while you can. When we were waiting for my daughter’s much-delayed flight into San Francisco, we killed time in San Bruno. It was surprisingly pleasant, and I scored a jacket on clearance at the Shops at Tanforan. Someone also mentioned that Japanese American internees were kept at the old Tanforan Racetrack while awaiting evacuation to the internment camps, which was interesting but not something I wanted to think of at that moment. 😦


  7. Posted by SingingTuna on October 5, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Oh, no! Still battling the physical woes…I’m so sorry!!!! 56yhg ( ⬅ Mila the TuxieCat typed that. I have no idea what it means.)

    3 months!!!
    Then car trouble. And parking lot crumminess. But you have a free birthday block of time, to wander and enjoy? Yay!!! I hope it’s DAZZLING with enjoyment. And if it isn’t I hope that you can give a good swift kick to the next bozo who annoys you.

    Kitty photos!! YAY!! Can’t wait to see!


  8. Grrrrrr. It just ain’t right. But, then, life pretty much never is.
    Thank goodness you had rescuers.
    And DO enjoy your birthday!!! Will be thinking about you!


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