So, let’s see about resuscitating this thing!

So hey-

It hasn’t really been my fault.

It’s basically been the year from hell, starting with me last fall with the skin rashes (itch), then the steriods (ICK), then multiple pulmonary embolisms (not recommended).

And, having thus had a pretty bleak winter myself, as soon as I was up walking around trying to get some stamina back, it became Tom’s turn. Within two weeks of my home oxygen tanks finally going away, Tom started having serious (as in “potentially lethal”) medical issues of his own.

Part of his reaction was a desire for privacy that included not wanting me or Sair discussing it online. For months and months. All of this left me on shaky ground, because of the difficulty of so loudly Not Discussing what I was spending most of my time dealing with. Okay so far as posting links to cats in boxes and the like, but harder in more discoursive blogging. At this point he’s started telling people that he was sick, though he is still mostly omitting details.

So I will continue to omit details, but I can say something of what has been going on. After a lot of medical song and dance in the spring, Tom finally ended up with surgery in July. All manner of complications ensued, involving internal blockages, and incisions opening up, and unremitting pain that they haven’t altogether solved. He spent something over three weeks in the hospital – off and on – being fed through an iv, and he finally came home barely able to make it across the room in a walker.

The good news is he is much stronger, though he still isn’t even nearly up to his normal level of vigor. He still has a lot of pain, especially at night, and therefore trouble sleeping. There is still – surgery was July 5th! – an open wound in part of an incision, that requires packing and bandaging daily. But his overall odds are pretty good, and life should look normal again, maybe even by spring. Or maybe later, depending on what all else the doctors come up with.

I’ve already pencilled in my Massive Freakout Over It All for tentatively mid-March. But I can move it back, if I’m still on-call at that point.


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  1. Oh holy crap, Lauo. You have been through the mill. (only oldies will know what that means). No offense.

    I am glad Tom is getting much stronger. And you sound like you are hanging on with that strength that comes because there’s nothing else we can do!

    Let’s hope for an all-out Massive March Freakout, meaning the worst is over and all is on the way to normalcy.

    Big big hugs to all of you.


  2. I am amazed at what I have been able to do.
    With the embolisms I had to give myself shots in my stomach.
    Me, the needle-phobia person.
    But the wound-packing thing may be the worst thing ever – in the state of nature I am fairly squeamish.
    Two abscesses, twice-a-day to begin with.
    Keeping sterile, and all that.
    My mantra has been “I can do this.”
    I keep saying it, and so far it keeps being the case.


    • It continually amazes me, those things we do because we have to. I just wish we didn’t have to. But that is Life. In all it’s sh*t and glory.


  3. The potato theory will be back in effect soon.

    For your next post, talk about Nikki!


  4. Ugh!
    Not sure I think this ‘not discussing medical issues’ policy is a good idea, but I can understand where it comes from.. it just ends up meaning that you can’t get any cyber support from the ‘hood whenever you are having a hard time with Tom having a hard time with his health… and you may need that.
    At any rate… there’s always kittehs to discuss, and that’s all good with everybody.
    I really hope you both stay clear of all health problems for the next couple of years. I think you’ve filled your quota and had enough already now.
    I also second LT’s suggestion on a Nikki post!


  5. NIKKI
    I will go stalk him with a camera now.
    Spoilers, Nikki is a bit of a brat.


  6. I wondered about that, your health and all. I was in your neighborhood back in August when I went to see “No Man’s Land” at the Berkeley Rep, and I thought about you and where you might be with your illness. Which turned out to be Tom’s illness.

    I understand how he feels—my children have said they don’t like being the subjects of my blogging posts, so I stay mum, even when I would have loved to have gotten some support and feedback from the Vox peeps. Anyway, don’t be a stranger, as they say in Minnesota. Let us know when you could use a little help. Some us (ahem) live close enough to actually lend a physical hand!


    • oooo
      Sair and I went to “No Man’s Land” too!
      It was supposed to be a joint birthday present for both Sair and Tom, but he wasn’t recovered enough at the time.


  7. Yikes … and here I thought you were just “chillin'” and getting healthy.


  8. Wow! Hope everyone is on the mend soon!


  9. o.O wow…*hug* I hope Teh Bad is out of your lives from now on. You’ve had enough!


  10. My vote is for Habibi pics!

    Lauo, you are a rock, to do all the doing and the looking after for you and for Tom and sublimating any wish to discuss it, which, as someone pointed out, denies yourself a measure of support for yourself. I admire your ability to cope so much. Speediest recovery possible to Tom, so you can stop being stoic.


  11. Good god, woman. What a year you’ve had and hopefully the 3 months left will be quiet and healing. That is just plain scary, all you went through and then boom, Tom gets sick. Major healing mojo coming from overseas (I told Red it multiplies with the miles) and here is to a very quiet and healthy 2014. *big hugs*


  12. i am so glad you and Tom are Still here, but having been through similar crises, I know how draining it can be – and how hard it is to be without support from people/places that normally are able to help.

    hugs to you and yours, and here’s hoping that the rest of 2013 – and 2014 – turn out to be a time of good health and peacefulness for you!


  13. Oh lord! The only thing worse than awful medical trials are someone else’s when you’re the nurse. Hugs to you and Tom. Tell us what you can and then post cat pics. 🙂


  14. It’s better to get unfortunate news followed by good news than vice versa. Mr. LW, may you continue to improve and return to health!


  15. No worries about omitting the details. We’re all here for you, sending you mental/virtual hugs and hoping for health and happiness for you and yours. 🙂


  16. Posted by SingingTuna on October 5, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo!!!!! That’s so awful! ((((((((((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))))))))))))) for both of you!

    As Laurie said above, you are a rock.

    And we’re here. Your peep-age.
    ((((((((more hugs))))))


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