Nice to know that I do stop bleeding

Even with all the warfarin in my system.

They are starting on the roof.
Tomorrow morning the tear-off people will turn up at 8am.
Then all week with putting the new one on.

My thought is that the feral and semi-feral backyard population will not be happy with this.
So I have been getting them in today.

Habeeb and Doc are simple.
Sisko is out there somewhere napping, but will come in for dinner.
Wolfie took two tries, but I lured him with new fishy fud and just stashed him inside the back door.
Those are the easy ones.

Albert the Orange has been coming in to steal food for months, and cleverly hiding from us under the stove and in the laundry room
So I just brought in all the outside food, and then snuck around and closed the kitchen door on him.
He’s in the laundry room with Wolfie, the pair of them thinking Dark Thoughts at me.

Sextus was the first one I tried to get, though, and he’s still evading capture.
I’ve been able to pat him since he moved out back.
So I thought I could pick him up.
Hence the title.
The little creep is now out back in the bushes bein all feral on his lonesome.
I’m not quite cross enough to let him just cope with the roofers.
But I’m somewhat punctured and annoyed at this point.

So I’ve set the have-a-heart trap out there, baited with tuna.
I expect I’ll spend the afternoon catching the little black tom who’s been hanging around.
(I’m hoping he lives next door, where they appear to have a number of black cats.)
But Sextus missed breakfast because the black cat gave him the evil eye, so he’s probably hungry.
I have to go out around 6, so I’m hoping he’ll make a mistake by then.
But not betting on it – he’s clever in a sneaky cat sort of way.



10 responses to this post.

  1. Gaaah. Cats! Even though Teagan came into our house at one week old she is still spooky and jumpy.
    It’s in some of their natures.
    I hope you get Sextus inside! It will be a long week for him if you don’t! But, he has no one to blame but himself.


  2. Posted by SingingTuna on April 14, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Awwwww….you’re so nice to do all that. Sorry about the claw-holes you ended up with. Cats are endlessly creative when it comes to finding ways to evade capture and to annoy the captor if evasion fails.

    Warfarin! Yes, good to know you can stop bleeding.

    Roof work. So noisy!



  3. I left a baited have-a-heart trap out in back, and at 7:15am there was a sudden heart-felt squalling.
    Luckily it was Sextus, and not the skunk, or raccoon.
    He’s up under the bed in Sair’s room, thinking dark thoughts about the world.
    And a good thing – the roof coming off sounds like the end of the world
    There are six cats locked in, and I can’t find any of them.


    • Oh what a relief!
      Lol about them all hiding.

      Now they will survive and you can get a new roof!
      We are getting new windows in around 6-8 weeks.


  4. You are a Cat Wrangler Extraordinaire, Lauo. I hope the cats have left a hiding spot for you when the roof noise gets too much.


  5. Damn. There’s a gorgeous pregnant girl cat that needs a foster. But we all know how bad I was at fostering. And I have five cats.
    If I were only extremely wealthy….


  6. Tuxie spent the week of our re-roofing inside the couch. Tortie was just Very Displeased.


  7. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on April 14, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    That’s awfully nice of you, especially considering how much trouble the critters are putting you through. It’s a rare kindness.


  8. Albert the Orange pleased us all by coming out to use the catbox.
    Best feral ever.
    Doc and Sisko have presumably left for Narnia via the wardrobe, because they haven’t gone out the door and are not to be found.


  9. Of course, now they think you’ve locked them in the house in order to KILL them with your horrible roof crashings!!! Haaalp!

    My Minerva kitty (who now belongs to my former brother in law) had mad skillz for disappearing. She could crawl under furniture that had just like and inch or two clearance under it. Then she would lie in wait until it was “safe” to come out and attack my feet.


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