So funny

About two years ago a very white-washed movie version of a murder in Italy came out.
I posted about it at the time (, because I had been following the story closely.
I think that was because the murdered girl was doing a study abroad the same time Sair had, and thinking about her family’s loss was devastating to me.

The killer was a girl named Amanda Knox.
She’s been in the news again lately, because the long and involved Italian judicial process went through another step.
FYI, trials in Italy are in three stages, an initial trial, an automatic appeal/review, and a final review of both.
No verdict is final until the third step has been completed.
Amanda and her creepy boyfriend were found guilty at the first stage, and that verdict was overturned at the review.
Most recently, the final review by the Supreme Court has ordered the review/appeal trial to be re-done, because their decision was screwy.

And it was.
Basically the judge just decided to throw out DNA evidence because perhaps sometimes DNA evidence could be contaminated.
Not that the defense had demonstrated it had been, just that the possibility existed, theoretically.
And they also just ignored a lot of material, or came to strange conclusions.
Like, luminal reacts to blood, but also some other odd things do, like — was it beet juice? bleach? – it’s been a couple of years since I looked at this stuff.
So despite the presence of a bloody murder in the back bedroom, and no evidence of beet juice/or whatever on the premises, the court decided that the luminol-located footprints that demonstrated a clean-up, might not be blood.
Nearly comical, except that the family of the murdered girl sat through it and saw the smirking monsters who had killed their girl set free because of it.
The verdict was entirely weird, was descried in Italy as a miscarriage of justice  immediately, and now will be set right.
If anyone is interested, there is a vast corpus of information here:

Anyway, one of the interesting features of the whole grand mess was the PR war fought on Amanda’s behalf by a strange array of fringe types, sock puppets, and self-serving headline chasers.
Many of them fairly loopy.
And, I guess, because of the recent flurry of news, these various weird types are crawling out from under their rocks again.
And one of the strangest of them actually dug out my old post and just tried to comment on it.

With outright lies, of course, because that’s how PR works.
But I draw the line at PR crap being posted on my blog.
It’s all just words on a page, so if, oh Crazy Lady, you puts lies on my page, welp, then there they sit, seemingly valid.
I don’t know you – though I know of you – and you aren’t part of the community of people I speak with on-line.
This is my blog, and I really don’t need or want to provide a forum for someone defending a brutal murderer.
I will take on the comments you made though, this one time.

Your first comment was the more general one:
“and Amanda is everything opposite from what you “think”. So unless you nkow her personally, you might want to think twice before speaking so incorrectly. How would you like people saying such things about you? Seriously…”
Welp, like many people, in fact, everyone, I say and think things about people I don’t know all the time.
I don’t know Obama, or William Shatner, or Charles Manson either.
But I know enough about them, and about Amanda too, to have opinions, and be willing to express them.
On the basis of a fair amount of time studying publicly available information, I’d say Amanda is a cruel and manipulative person.
Her involvement in this murder has made her a public figure – and her family courted public attention in the matter – so I have no difficulties with discussing her in public.
And, considering that I believe that she assisted in the sexual assault, torture, and murder of an innocent girl, I think my language concerning her is, overall, somewhat moderate.
And, you know, if I ever instigate and participate in similar actions, anyone is welcome to say whatever they please about it.

As for your second comment – really, two comments on a complete stranger’s blog from 2011? – Don’t you have a life?
Anyway, you claim: “There isn’t a “big Knox PR well funded effort” thing. That is a big fat lie.”
Oh yeah, that’s me always falling for the big fat lies.
Or am I the liar?
It’s a little unclear, and if it’s the later, that’s really rather rude of you.
Considering that this is my blog, and you don’t know me from Adam, and all that.

But, in response, I would say that as far as I am concerned, and I think most people, for that matter, hiring a big-time PR firm would, in fact, constitute a “big Knox PR effort.”
And, they got bang for their buck too: they sold their story for a movie ($$); there is a book deal; and they trailed the family through all the usual daytime tv crap fests, which, I understand, paid for “access.”
Hence the “well-funded” part.
The PR firm in Seattle, btw, brags about her being their client.
It’s on their website:
So it sounds like a big PR effort to me.
Someone here wields big fat lies, but it ain’t me, babe.

I actually caught the family on Oprah, with her mom crying as usual.
(I think Mrs. Kercher was mostly stoic at the trial, but then she only had the details of the butchery of her daughter to deal with.)
Oprah was all sympathy.
I lost any vestige of respect I might have ever had for her when she failed to ask about why sweet dear Amanda falsely claimed to have witnessed her black boss murdering her roommate.
Much after the fact she admitted to just making it up..
But she didn’t retract her story at the time, even after she heard he’d been arrested.
The poor man was dragged out of his home in front of his wife and child, and  jailed until eventually a customer came forward testifying that he had been working that night.
Of course, spending a few weeks in jail wasn’t all that good for his business, which went bust.
Oprah just sat there listening to the family’s dog and pony show about how the Italian cops arrested the poor girl because they hate sexy women.
(Psycho boyfriend was also arrested, but the less said about that, the better.)
PR, at its — is finest really the word I want here?

I guess I’m getting riled up again.
But, the good news is the review trial is being re-done, this time competently.
And since in the real world, PR actually does not necessarily become reality, there is a very good chance that the final verdict will reflect the facts in the case.
And, since I didn’t just randomly form some half-assed opinion, but actually know what I am talking about, I’m not going to let your stupid comments sit unquestioned on my earlier page.

So, crazy lady Michelle, nice try, but no chance.
Go peddle your lies on your own pages, and keep off of mine.
And, thank you, Word Press, for comment moderation.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Oh wow. I am speechless.
    My heart breaks for that poor girl, the victim, and her family.
    I hope that justice is done, one way or another.

    And, yes, thank you, WP for comment moderation. Just wow.


  2. Horrific–no one with a heart and mind could fail to appreciate the brutality of this case, literal and judicial.

    Welp said, lw.


  3. Wow, my pending file has a page-long screed from her now.
    She is full of a mix of vituperation and Christian long-suffering forgiveness.
    And assertions that I know nothing, but no facts of her own on offer.
    (Can she explain the boyfriend’s DNA on the murdered girl’s bra hook?
    Or the botched fake burglary, that put the broken window glass on top of the rubble of the tossed bedroom?)
    Not going to bother with this one.
    And another, or possibly herself with a different sock over her head, succinctly remarking “Nasty blog, nasty blogger.”
    That’s me.


  4. Yes, comment moderation is a blessing.

    And I’m going to hold you to that – when you commit a brutal murder I’m going to post about it nonstop.

    In a case like this one – when FACTS are available to everyone (instead of just having to read “expert” OPINIONS), the resources are readily available for people to come to their own conclusions – sometimes differing wildly.

    I mean, good God, my wife and I can’t agree on the same flavor of salad dressing!


  5. Salad dressing is Satin’s gateway to gravy use.
    Shun it!


    • I can’t hear the words “salad dressing” without remembering the afternoon in the library where I was teaching an older woman from Taiwan how to say it. Endless repetition, and tilting our heads so she could see what I was doing with my tongue, made it completely surreal.

      But by golly, if that lady ever needs to ask someone whether they want ranch or thousand island, she’s got it down.


  6. Regardless of who actually did what, this has shown that the Italian justice system is as screwed up as ours, although in different ways.


  7. Posted by SingingTuna on April 14, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Geez…people are a real pain.
    Esp the ones who don’t have anything to do but bother other people.


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