Have just spent an hour sorting out a drawer

Do you think Robert Louis Stevenson was being sarcastic with that “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings” thing?

Because an unbelievable amount of those “things” appear to be somewhere in this house, and I’ve been bailing the place out for months and things are still all over the place.

And the prospect of another fifty or so Bags of Stuff getting hauled off to the Goodwill doesn’t really qualify for “happy as kings” status in my mind.


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  1. Things breed & multiply in the dark recesses of one’s home…. no matter how much “stuff” I get rid of there is always more waiting.


  2. My father brings home “stuff,” freebies from the senior center, packets of saltine crackers and sugar from luncheons, the extra hardware you find inside of assemble-yourself furniture crates. If I throw it away, he goes berserk. “We might need it someday!”

    So I wait until he decides to take a trip to Home Depot or Costco to buy more stuff, and then I bag it all. Some of it goes to Goodwill, but most of it to the garbage bin. I suppose someone out there could use a refrigerator magnet from the local police, asking you to protect yourself from identity fraud. But I don’t want to hang on to it until that someone comes along.


  3. Yes, yes, and yes. Stuff. I have it.
    And I don’t have a lot of motivation to get rid of it. BlargH!
    Now if it would just all disappear by itself I wouldn’t even miss it!


  4. Posted by SingingTuna on April 14, 2013 at 9:28 am

    ::sigh:: Stuff.
    Put two random things together, walk away for a couple of days, and when you come back you’ll find that they’re bred a couple of generations of stuff.
    I’m slogging my way through a bunch of it, too. The trunk of the car is stuffed with clothes and books for Purple Heart.
    Do you know George Carlin’s riff on “stuff?”
    It’s not exactly the same definition of “stuff” but close enough.
    Is it ok to leave a link in the comment? If not, just zap it.


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