Snail Mail February

Can people tell me if they want last year’s mailing list.
Or if they have changes to their information from last year.
Or if they want to be added/deleted from the list.
It went out via email and has “snail” in the title, so you may be able to ferret out the old list that way too.



LittleOddMe, Capn Steph, and Jaypo have new addresses.
Email me to get updated information


14 responses to this post.

  1. I dug up last year’s list and have used that. My address hasn’t changed!


  2. I’ve been using the list you sent me last year. I’m halfway through, so I guess I’m committed, though I wasn’t sure if everyone on there was participating this year. I didn’t know all of the people I sent Snail Mail to last February, and I’m not familiar with their blogs or if they are even on WordPress still.

    I’m still living with my father at the 95822 address. *sigh*

    How about Sair? Is she still in New York at the same address? Does she even want mail from all these strange friends of her mother’s? My children think it’s very odd I spend so much time writing to “people on the internet.” As LT will tell you, my younger daughter still thinks half of them are serial killers who want to serve me in a casserole.


    • Hey-
      Sair’s at the same address.
      And sure, send her a card.
      It will give her something in her mailbox in the middle of the term, and that should be good.
      I’m not sure that she expects me to end up in a Vox Casserole.
      More likely rightly fears the onslaught of cat photos at 11pm.


    • Sair is much more sensible than that, and a charming companion for brunch or tea. I’m pretty sure the idea of me being an ax murderer never crossed her mind, unlike some kids I can mention.

      You’d think HG’s daughter would be a little less freaked out since Mr. LT and I returned her after a long weekend perfectly unharmed (maybe a little heavier since we kept going out to eat, and with some cat fur).


  3. Crap. I have tried every variation of your email addy at yahoo and they are all failing. Could you send me the list to Thanks!


  4. Oooops, I have changed my address. Sending it to you now. 🙂


  5. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on February 12, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Is this about the month of letters? If so I’m in. Address details are on my blog. Can you get to it?


  6. Posted by aubrey on February 14, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    I’m at the same address – I’m afraid that I send JP’s pc to her old address, phooey! I’ll contact you to get the updated ones.


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