And you will be proud of me


I have overcome the impulse to solve things by letting one of them stash a car in our driveway.
I can’t help it, I have a pathological need to Make Things Work.
I managed by reminding myself about just how inconvenient that would actually be.

And awkward.
Since one person would then have the building driveway, and the other a shared driveway down the block.
And it would be difficult to charge for parking, to make up for the nuisance of shifting cars, since the other tenant had a free space.
As the youngest of five kids, I also worship at the altar of What Is Fair.

We can’t charge for the other space because of rent control.
You can’t add on a charge for a thing a tenant already gets for free, since that is an effective rent hike.
And it also would be difficult to charge because it is a sucky driveway.It is really just the space between the street and the door to the old garage.

It isn’t really long enough for most cars, and if your car hangs over onto the driveway, you can be ticketed.
So the upstairs kids were using it only for one car, since the other was too long.
The garage itself is too little to use for parking.
I guess in 1920 or so, cars were smaller.
It’s so narrow you couldn’t open car doors inside it, and it’s not very long either.
The original overhead door was too decayed for safe use, even before Jannes drove a rented car into it (ouch).
So we semi-illicitly turned it into a fixed wall, with a door inset, to make it accessible as storage, and extra space mostly for the first floor tenant.
(Jannes was brewing beer in there.)
So what I am now waiting to hear about is how long this borrowed car is.
Because how loudly are they going to scream if they are ticketed.

Which reminds me, since Tom did the apartment showing without me, I probably need to email them about the getting-ticketed possibility.
They didn’t have a car when they applied for it, so I’m not sure how thoroughly Tom rapped it all down.
And I have to be sure than we have warned them of the possibility, so they won’t come after us for the cost of the ticket.
(Tenants are a Bad Lot at times)





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  1. Glad you resisted. keep resisting! These are grown ups you are dealing with. As long as everything is in writing it’s on them to deal with it. These are not your kids. If they keep complaining or fighting you need to remind them of these things. and if they don’t like it, they can move.


  2. After reading your recent posts, I’ve been put off having tenants for life. I hope they settle down and give you no further trouble.


    • But we’ve had lovely tenants.
      There was a geologist in the backyard unit who was there from entering grad school until she moved off with her job.
      And Jannes and Sanne were there four years, and her aunt before that, and the lot of them perfectly okay folks.
      I’d say at least half of our tenants I’ve really regretted when they left.
      But then there are the others….
      (The lady with four indoor cats who put a litter box on the floor and didn’t change it for over a year?
      We had to replace the subflooring.
      But then, that is what deposits are for.)


  3. We have one apartment that we rent out. I would say that about half of the people are fine. We had one single man in there for years and years. That was nice. In between times you get some losers. It’s not something I would want to do on a large scale basis, that’s for sure.


  4. You can’t let anyone park in your driveway b/c that’s where we have to park when we visit, and it would be wrong for whiny people who didn’t have a need for parking when they signed the lease to be there.

    I think I lost my way in that last sentence.

    Anyway, the problem is entirely of their own making, so it’s not up to you to fix it.


  5. I sent them a follow-up email, since I’m not sure how clear Tom was about the issues with the parking space.
    So I officially said: we don’t rent this space to anyone.
    If it were truly a useable space, we would rent it to one of you for your exclusive use, and charge for it.
    But it isn’t.
    You are allowed to use it at your own risk.
    Please note that blocking the sidewalk can get you ticketed.
    So from here on in it is LALALALALA , nothing to do with me, time.


  6. ::applause::
    You’re super! You really are.
    People can be a VERY aggravating; you’re doing a great job of treating this new tenant equitably and compassionately, too.

    (You have 4 siblings? wow.)


  7. I’m a tenant and I wouldn’t think of whining to my landlord the way your tenants are doing. You are wise, as usual.

    I’m fourth out of five in my family and I also have a keen sense of injustice, but I didn’t realize till now that they could be related facts. Good observation.


  8. Posted by aubrey on January 10, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    As Ms. Pants said, you are dealing with adults; treat them as such. And it’s good to treat everyone fairly, as long as you include yourself in that equation. As long as you used the magic word ‘ticketed’ in your email, you can consider yourself at a safe distance.


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